Khalil was a machine this past season, a force to be reckoned with, a dunking and blocking superhuman. I think Iverson is going to be the next Nigel Hayes, but I think he’s going to go beyond that and exceed Hayes. Hayes has kind of fallen his senior year in comparison to his sophomore and junior season. Everyone thought he was going to have an outstanding senior year, and get drafted into the NBA, but he hasn’t really been an incredible star this year.

Khalil on the other hand is only a sophomore and he came into this season sort of as a silent threat. He had had a good freshman season, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. This year he started to make himself more known yet still not making a lot of noise. I see him progressing at a steady rate, and I think he’s going to turn into someone like Alando Tucker. This is just my prediction but I think he’ll make it to the NBA by the time he’s through at Wisconsin with flying colors. He’s one of those guys who is an effective player and he’s really consistent. The thing I love about him is that every now and then he’ll come out with a crazy block or a dirty standing dunk, and everyone just kind of looks around like “where did that come from?” His defensive game is strong and he knows how to be smart about it. He knows when to swat and how to block without fouling.

I think he’s someone to keep and eye on, and I think he’s going to be a major game changer in the next couple of years.


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