The badgers are scheduled to play Virginia Tech in the first round of the NCAA tournament and I wanted to take a minute to take about their head coach, Buzz Williams. Buzz is a familiar face for the badgers and a potential threat. Buzz is a good guy and an intense coach, but he really knows what he’s doing. Wisconsin fans are familiar with Buzz for his coaching record at Marquette, where he lead the them to five NCAA tournament appearances, three Sweet 16’s and one appearance in the Elite Eight.

Although he’s a great coach, a lot of Marquette fans are bitter when it comes to Buzz because when he was offered the head coaching position at Virginia Tech, it looked like he couldn’t get away fast enough. He’s had moderate success at Virginia Tech, but I’m sure Marquette fans are still smirking at the fact that he’s had more success in Wisconsin so far.

Buzz is an unusual sweaty breed. He’s such an ugly dude and he sweats so much it’s hard not to find hilarity in his appearance. He also gets really intense when he’s coaching and he screams really loud and spits all over the place. He’s got to have some kind vocal damage because he yells so much and every press conference and interview I’ve heard, his voice is so husky it sounds painful.

Nevertheless I like him because he’s a good coach and he’s a good guy. He is an active advocate for our veterans, and has done a lot of charity work to support our troops. He’s been involved in a number of volunteer programs, and contributes to society in a positive way through the basketball community.

Keep on Buzzin’ Buzz!

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