i understand nothing

The regular season is now officially over, rankings are out and the badgers got screwed. We all thought at worst, the badgers would get maybe a six seed. Well not only did they not get a six seed, or even a seven seed, but an eight seed! So many people are outraged about this because everyone knows the badgers are not an eight seed team, at least not this season. They also had a pretty good run in the conference tournament which a lot of people thought would make up for the three hits they took from Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa.

I was thinking about this when the brackets came out and I was looking at the teams they would most likely play, and I started to think, maybe the badgers just aren’t that great this year. I came to the conclusion that I right, they aren’t that “great”, but they certainly are a “good” team. Just when I found myself doubting the badgers, I found out that Minnesota got a five seed! THE GOPHERS ARE NOT A FIVE SEED TEAM.

How is the justifiable? Wisconsin beat Minnesota twice in regular season play, finished higher than them in the regular season and the conference tournament, yet they end up three seeds lower than them. Why did that happen?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the NCAA hates the badgers, and that everyone wants us to fail. That’s the only logical explanation and I refuse to believe anything else.



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