Ethan Happ is becoming a well known name in the households of badger fans across Wisconsin. Happ originally started out as a redshirt freshman on the scout team, and no one could’ve predicted the things he’d be able to do in just a few short years. His freshman year he was forced to learn the ins and outs of being a power forward, as he quickly realized he was one of the few guys tall enough to go against Frank Kaminski.

Kaminski showed him the ropes, although Happ has said it was a frustrating process because he was just no match for Kaminski’s raw talent. He would be singled out in practice to help Kaminski improve his game, to help the team reach their highest potential. Although it was a tough journey, it’s now starting to pay off for Happ.

Happ is now. what many would argue, the most valuable player on the team. Some say he has even surpassed Nigel Hayes, who was seriously considering entering the NBA draft last year. He is a starter, and he is their key post player taking on the big guys from competitors.

One area he down need to improve however is his free throws. He hinders below the rest of the team, shooting just 52 percent from the line. If he wants to become an unstoppable well-rounded player, he needs to crank that stat way up. Other than that though, Happ is helping to pave the way for another great season for the badgers.

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