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The Badgers are giving fans something to worry about after they suffered their second consecutive loss to Michigan, Michigan executed well and did what they needed to do to get the job done. While Michigan extended their winning steak, the badgers record is suddenly dwindling. The Wolverines (17-9, 7-6 Big Ten) have won three straight to boost their chances at making the NCAA Tournament, giving them the opportunity of possibly improving their seeding and chances of advancing.

The Badgers (21-5, 10-3) have lost consecutive games for the first time this season, dropping them into a three-way tie atop the Big Ten standings with No. 16 Purdue and No. 23 Maryland with five games remaining in the regular season. Although we were without our senior point guard, Bronson Keonig, the badgers still should have been able to pull off a win. Koenig is currently out with a calf injury in his left leg, forcing us to break our consistent starting line up of 25 games.

The badgers apparently need Koenig to get healthy soon, because they suffered a major loss without him. D’Mitrik Trice took his place but wasn’t enough to get the job done because he made a couple of big freshman mistakes throughout the game, specifically in the second half.

Happ was a shining star per usual but he couldn’t carry the whole team on his back. To me this game was perhaps a dooming foreshow of what may come in the NCAA tournament if the badgers have and off game. It exemplified that if they’re not all connected, whether it’s due to injuries of mental issues, the could fall apart with the flip of a switch.

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