February 26th, 2017


So last night I was walking home from a prior commitment and was amazed when I look up at the stars. It mainly was amazing in the western part of the sky. There were stars everywhere, the thing that caught my attention the most was you could easily see Mars. Now this time around seeing Mars was different. You could clearly see it shinning brighter than others and you could see a little bit of the red around the bright twinkle. So in that case I am going to write about Mars and the organization that is preparing to create a human civilization there by the year 2032 .

mars 1

Mars One is a mission to habitat the first humans on Mars. Crews will be assembled by applicants who apply online. Those applicants will be slimmed down to a select few. They will go through training to learn the skills care for themselves on this planet that is 249 miles from earth. Once these applicants reach Mars they are stuck there forever. The Mars One organization will be sending rovers and cargo missions through the years 2026-2029. These missions will prepare the habitat that the humans will be settling in the year 2032.

The outpost the humans will be living in.

The outpost the humans will be living in.

When I found out about this mission, and that it is actually in the works of becoming reality, I was just so amazed and happy. Amazed in the fact that in this era of technology will allow us to live on another planet, and happy that I am alive for this huge step in the human race. This is something all of us have thought about, but never thought we would live to see the day. It amazes me that we are going to have humans living on another planet before we even know what the dark side of the moon is like.

I am going to reference the same movie that I did in my last post, Interstellar. To think that we are getting closer to the reality that this movie portrays of going to different planet is just amazing. I mean who knows what we will be doing in space within the next 100 years. Another thing that excites me is that the debate if aliens are real or not will be over. A basic definition of an alien is a living thing that is not living on earth. And even though they are humans, they are living on another planet. So they are technically aliens,  experiencing an environment a human has never experienced before.  The things we will find out through science when this happens will be such a huge step.

We are blessed to be able to experience such an event in the works, and if this doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will! And if I want you to take anything from this post, it is to stay curious, and open to anything, because anything is possible. Especially in an era that is getting smarter and smarter exponentially. I would say this is the best generation, because we as a race are finding out how to use more and more of our brain, and you can see that through the technology we are creating!


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