The Inside of a Black Hole

February 18th, 2017

This video is the closest we can get to understanding a black and what it would look like if we ever got pulled into one. It goes through how gravity changes time and takes into a dimension that will simply blow your mind away. From explaining how a black hole will bend light because the gravity is so strong, to explaining how you would be able to see the back of your head, all the way to being able to go back to even the dinosaur age, this video will explain how its all possible.

A black hole defined as a spot in space having such a strong gravitational field that nothing can escape from it, even light. There is no answer to what the inside of a black hole looks like, but space agencies are constantly getting new ideas of what it looks like. If you are being pulled into a black hole, you no longer exsist, or have the free will to do anything. You are simply just an observer. You would see beautiful galaxies getting tossed around, with a black circle which is the black hole. It is defined by the light around it. As you get closer to your doom, you enter the photons sphere, which forces your photons are forced to travel in orbits, after the orbit, your body eventually comes back to your eyes. It is hard to think how that is possible but through this phase and your body splitting through the orbit you are able to see the back of your head.

As you get closer and closer to the black hole, space will get more distorted, to a point where everything is black. Except behind you it would be as if you were looking outside a circular window to the universe. You are traveling at a small fraction of the speed of light. The faster you are traveling through space, causes you to move slower in time. At this point in the black hole, time is moving so slowly that you are in a dimension where you can see anything that has ever gone through the black hole. The objects you are looking at are going through  faster time dilation. This allows you to see the entire history of a spot in the universe. So for instance we would be able to see dinosaurs on earth

That part does not last for long as you keep traveling on. As the light behind you gets blue shifted, which is a decrease in wavelength and it reflects what you are seeing back, you become invisible and frequency is increasing and your eyes will eventually be permanently blind. Matter is being stretched kills every property of atoms. At this point time is no longer a part of any timeline to the outside universe, nothing occurs.


Blue shifting

That is the closest description scientists have come up with. Black holes and space in general are such a mystery, a mystery that a human brain will never understand. I am just so fascinated in how gravity can change time, and if you want to see a movie that plays with that concept, then I suggest you watch Interstellar. It is a movie that shows how being on different planets creates its own time schedule through gravity from the rest of the outside world.

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