Blue Dragon Sea Slug

February 12th, 2017



The Blue Dragon sea slug is an animal that I recently found, and I can honestly say it is the coolest looking animal I have seen. These slugs have the ability of camouflage and if you haven’t already guessed from its color, it has stinging cells. If you were to hold one of these you would receive a dangerous sting. How they get these stinging cells is through what they eat. They feed on the very dangerous venomous Portuguese man o’ war. The se slug stores the stinging cells from their meet in its tissues for a defense against predation.

These slugs have an ability to camouflage themselves. They float upside down by using the surface tension of the water to stay up and going. They are carried with the currents of the ocean, and through this they are able to stay steady and use their camouflage perk. The blue side of their body faces upwards which is blending with the rest of the blue water in the ocean. On the bottom of their body they have a silver side which blends in with the silvery surface of the sea.

These creatures can reach up to 3 centimeters in length. Their bodies are flat and have six appendages, kind of like arms but not really. These appendages store the venomous stinging cells they get from the Portuguese man o-war. There are four separate species that can be found in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, they mainly are in warm temperate climates around tropical areas. These slugs are free roaming in the open ocean and commonly found washed up onto beaches. These sea slugs are really a beauty in nature that shows off the beautiful color blue very nicely.



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