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High Impact Practices may look different for different campuses and students, but what they have in common is the way they *stick* with students. Do you have HIPs to share? Do you needs ideas for HIPs that work at UWW?

What is a H.I.P and how does this relate to “Good” pedagogy?

Tweet Hi again from your resident cynic. Oh yeah, last time I wrote about being a ‘realist’ not a ‘pessimist’ so I guess cynic is not appropriate. In this blog article what I want to address is exactly what are H(igh) I(mpact) P(ractices) and … Continue reading

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Faculty/Student Workshops Held in Oaxaca, Mexico

Tweet Speaking of High Impact Practices, Michael Flanagan, Director of Crossman Gallery, sends this report to us about  a summer workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico. He writes, “Hello Everyone – Our team of faculty members and one student from UW-Whitewater has … Continue reading

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