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Core Course Reviews

Tweet I received the comment below on my blog entry about information literacy, under which I’d identified myself as a member of the General Education Review Committee: “General Education Review Committee? So what has this committee been reviewing lately? The … Continue reading

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What is a H.I.P and how does this relate to “Good” pedagogy?

Tweet Hi again from your resident cynic. Oh yeah, last time I wrote about being a ‘realist’ not a ‘pessimist’ so I guess cynic is not appropriate. In this blog article what I want to address is exactly what are H(igh) I(mpact) P(ractices) and … Continue reading

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LEAP Chat with Pete Killoran (1 of 2)

What is the course “Individual and Society”? Continue reading

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The First Day of Class

Tweet Hello, fellow Core instructors! The Core Course workshop before classes started gave us some excellent and inspirational ideas for the first day of class, and I’m wondering: What did you do on your first day of class? Or the … Continue reading

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LEAP Chat with Wade Dazey – video 2


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