League of Legends Going Pro

Finally, Down to Business

Welcome to the long journey of trying to reach the top 1% of gamers in the League; the one’s who make a good living playing a video game.
Now, this guide can be used for any mainstream games; however, I’m strictly focusing on League of Legends. I already mentioned finding a team,  raising your ELO in solo as well as team ranked games, and to get multiple matches under your belt. After completing those it’s time to make money for playing the game you love.

Playing League of Legends for Money

I’m going to explain the two easiest forms to make money to play games. Both of these go hand in hand and should be focused at the same time. The first one is quite simple, sign up for tournaments with your team. The more you sign up for the better. The more your team wins the better. This will get your name out there as well as give you money and prizes for winning.

The second way to make money is by endorsements by companies. First create a list of large companies and businesses in your region (note: after doing this a while try hitting up top 500 companies central offices, but for now start with your local Wal-Mart store). Contact the firms on your list and tell them who you are and why you are calling asking them politely for endorsements.

Now, if you are not familiar with business practice, there are protocols for making business deals, and that is exactly what an endorsement is a business deal. Write on paper explaining everything in detail, but make it brief. Tell them you will wear their logos and advertise for them at the upcoming tournament.

My local Wal-Mart gave me $100 to wear a T-shirt that they provided. It doesn’t have to be a T-shirt—hats, patches, merchandise, any type of propaganda works. Dyrus, the top player in the world wore these glasses at matches for a huge check.

Give the company you are asking a list of what you are willing to do, a List of upcoming tournaments and events. You need to sell yourself as your own brand to make them see why it’s worth the investment. The more knowledge you know about LOL, the better. Businesses like statistics and numbers that can be analyzed. Tell them about the huge fan base of 65 million viewers, and that amount is 33 million higher than the actually active accounts. Find out the total populous census from the previous year for the tournaments and events you are going to. If a tournament had a three hundred person turn out, tell the company that. Those are potential consumers.

Proper Ways to Contact Businesses.

You may think, blah, why the effort. Marketing yourself proves you can market for them. For your local stores, you can just visit in person, and make sure you are dressed up in a tie—business professional. For companies not in your area start with a letter and follow through with a phone call two weeks later, be persistent.

Although email is a viable form of contacting most business, I don’t recommend it. The key is patience and kindness. I understand today’s world of emails and cell phones is instant communication; however, business practice is still slow. You will not get an immediate response. Emphasis on the period after the last sentence. I recommend avoiding email. From my experiences, it’s too impersonal and usually fails. A good letter followed up with a phone call or Skype video conference could be just what your wallet needed.

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