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Apple unveils iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I miiOS91ss my iPhone. My iPhone’s screen met its maker, my driveway, last December. I went to the store and replaced my iPhone with a completely new brand. I am learning now, that this was a huge mistake. Hopefully this coming December, I can trade in my current phone for an iPhone. It should be a pretty easy switch with the new “Move to iOS” app that Apple created for the  Google Play store!

A new application introduced with iOS 9 is the Apple News app. I think this is a great idea for an app, however, I do not think it will provide us with all of the stories that news organizations are putting on the internet. For example, the app Flipboard is popular among users for the same reasons. Flipboard allows one to follow topics and stories that he or she wants to read about. As I personalized my Flipboard, I realized that I did not see posts from news organizations such as an ABC, CBS, or NBC affiliate. I see it being popular with users who are interested in specific topics such as sports or politics.

There are many new features in a iOS 9 that users should be excited about. New multitasking abilities for the iPad, new security features  and a more intelligent Siri. iOS 9 will surely enhance user’s experience with their iDevices.

Original blog post from Zuhayr Tahir:

Apple’s iOS 9 Debuts News

Today Apple released their brand new update iOS 9. I want to say it was much anticipated, however, I had just found out about it yesterday, so I guess I could at least say it was a surprise.

iOS 9 is a pretty decent update. It provides a new font and some other novelty improvements, but the biggest add on would have to be the introduction of News.

News is a content recommendation app that will appear on the home screen of any iPhone user when they download the new update. Why is this a big deal? Because the news organizations that are connected with Apple’s News will be exposed to an audience that numbers in the millions.

If you ask me, that’s pretty awesome for the world of Journalism.   

But what does someone think of when it comes to news? Politics? Sports? Entertainment? How about all of the above.

When a user first opens Apple’s News they will be given the option to follow numerous news outlets that can relate to anything that has to do with current events. Personally for me, I’m really into sports, so I followed anything and everything sports related.

So if you’ve got an Apple product, feel free to download iOS 9 and check out the new News app! It’s a great way to keep up to date on anything that interests you.

Irritable Advertising

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Don’t you just hate when your trying to research something on a website, but you have to look at an Ad before you get to look at the actually website. It’s annoying but its the reason why a lot of websites make money; I feel like Ads are fine just as long as you don’t over do it. It’s annoying going on a website like YouTube to watch a video, and there’s an ad before every video. Our classmate Kyle Weaver wrote a post on his blog about how ads are annoying , but how they are necessary for the web.


How many times have you tried to load a website or video and are stopped by advertisement for something you will never buy. Advertising is seen as the life blood of journalism because it brings in the revenue to keep websites and news sources afloat. That does’t mean it isn’t irritating for viewers to tread through them before seeing what they want.

I found a interesting article on how advertising on the internet “sucks”. Many would tend to agree with them. I think this article is interesting because it goes into detail about the growing number of ad blocker programs and the fight to block more and more ads. This creates havoc because if people want to view media on the web, advertising provides most of the money for them to put content on the web. It’s a vicious cycle. They also provide some solutions on how internet advertising does not have to be so awful.

Overall I think most ads online are an annoyance and sometimes even a invasion of privacy. But I also understand that it is necessary to continue a steady flow of content on the web. This article is a good read on a topic that many people do not even think twice about.


NFL Advertising

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The Seattle Seahawks travel to Lambeau Field to face the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night on NBC, but that’s not the only thing. There are going to be a lot of people tuning into this game which means the NFL is going to make a lot of money, not because of viewership. The NFL is going to make money off their advertising commercials. Our classmate wrote about Jessica Veloff wrote a story on her blog about how companies spends a lot of money to have their products to be advertised during the commercials of a NFL game:

When I was looking at the articles on the Freedly page, the one that jumped out to me was how much it costs to advertise during NFL football games this year. I myself watch a lot of football during the fall, and I know that Superbowl commercials were expensive, but I had no idea that all commercials that appear during an NFL game were so pricy. A commercial for Sunday night football costs $665,375 per unit, thats about 30 seconds of advertising. I find this very interesting that companies will pay that much just for a Sunday night football game 30 second ad, but I understand it. Advertisers need to go where the market is, and they know that people will be watching, so they will pay the big price. Knowing the audience is huge, writers need to know their audience when they are writing a story, it’s the same for advertising. When I watch football I notice a lot of beer and food commercials, those companies know that people will be having football parties that involve both food and beer.  I don’t think that NBC should have prices that high, but they know that companies will pay, so they know they can make a hefty profit. Look at Bud Lite, they became the official spencer of the NFL, and now have every team on a can. Knowing that people like to drink beer when they watch the game, and that people will want to get their can, they made a smart advertising decision.  I think that both NBC and the companies that pay for the spots are smart, both are making decisions that know will pay off in the end.




Donald Trump Is Mike Ditka

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DT  mikeD

While going through my feedly I came across a lot of articles, but now was as important as “Trump’s dumbest idea yet.” Making the Comparison to Mike Ditka and Donald Trump was genesis on the writers’ part in this article.

There were a lot of direct quotes from Donald Trump toward Mike Ditka Including Trump going on and on about how he would love to have Mike Ditka Involved in his campaign; because he knows how to win.

I feel like this is a great article comparing the two, Trump is hard-nosed and pretty much says whatever is on his mind. I believe that’s why a lot of people aren’t too sure about voting for Donald Trump in this election.

The Journalist are saying that it is dumb to compare the two, but if you look back at how Mike Ditka was as a coach and how Donald Trump is in this campaign its very accurate to me. One thing that the writer pointed out that I would agree is that Donald Trump says and does converse things; the writer mentions Trump’s rant about immigrations.

This article is relevant because Donald Trump is a well-known candidate that tends to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Although he’s a little unhinged based off of some of his comments and quotes that he makes, it makes for good headlines.

Hello world!

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