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Scott Pelley Speech

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In response to Scott Pelley’s acceptance speech I would agree with a lot of the points he made. The one that sticks out to me is when he said “if you’re first nobody remembers, if you’re wrong nobody forgets”. He makes some good points about the availability of information in todays’s age and how that can be a negative because people are trying to get information out as quick as possible without checking their facts. I also told the audience about a mistakes he has made in the past. It showed some humility and kept his speech from just talking about other people’s mistakes. I do agree that in today’s day in age journalist have to be very careful about what they report and how they obtain information.

In the digital age more and more people are reporting important news stories. Pelley talked about the “amateur” journalists who pinned Boston marathon bombing suspects on social media without any proof. This kind of information skews actual news and it becomes harder to believe what is actually a true story. Another example he uses is major news organizations using videos on YouTube without researching if the videos were altered in any way. In the rush to include media in a story, many YouTube videos are used without proper background checking.

Overall I agree with Pelley’s points. Journalism has changed dramatically from the times of some of the people he looked up that he mentioned in his speech. And with that change journalists now more than ever have to be cautious about obtaining factual information.

Moving on after journalism

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The picture above shows Gerry Mccarthy’s name tags and credentials from his previous jobs. He keeps them on his office wall to show where he has come from and where he could go in life. Mccarthy is a photojournalist at the Dallas Morning News and this article on Poynter talks about the possibility of moving on in the news business.

Mccarthy talks about his career and why he thinks he will not retire in media. The article also goes on to talk about other people in media who have left it behind to pursue different careers.

I don’t think the point of this article is to deter people from jobs in media, but rather show that people can take very different paths in life and you can be happy doing one thing and then you find something completely different.

Different Paths in Journalism

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This week my blog is about paths people take to jobs in journalism. I read a very interesting article on The American Journalism Review about four peoples paths they took to jobs in journalism. Not all of them have degrees in journalism but all have skills and knowledge that allowed them to get jobs.

As a journalism student, you tend to think that most journalists have degrees in journalism. But not having a degree does’t mean you don’t have the skills to be a journalist. The article talks about a musician turned writer for mashable who uses his  knowledge of music and art gave him the opportunity for a job.

It just shows that there are opportunities out there if you enjoy writing and have skills and are interested there are writing jobs out there.

Virtual reality is a new step in journalism

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Virtual reality is something that is becoming more and more popular around the world. The Oculus Rift is a device that will allow for consumers to experience virtual reality first hand. It is a head mounted device that blocks out outside sounds and sights and immerses you in a virtual world. The Oculus is scheduled to be released early in 2016.

Virtual reality is making its way into journalism as well. Around 1 million New York Times subscribers with the help of a pre-assembled Google cardboard set, viewers were able to watch a full 11 minute VR video about refugee children. This article explains how this is a step forward in journalism.

I do think that VR will become increasingly popular around the world, the technology is there to make it a mainstream form of entertainment. I think this is a innovative and creative way to bring the news and journalism in a modern form.


Facebook changes saftey check in wake of Paris tragedy

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will update its saftey check for “more human disasters”. This feature allows people to check in during a disaster to alert friends and family that they are ok. 

More than 4 million people used the feature after the tragic attacks in Paris on Friday.

A recent article on discusses the new changes.

Previously the feature was used for natural disasters around the world, Facebook is making the change to allow victims of human attacks to use the safety check in also.

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“Spotlight” Brings Journalism To The Big Screen

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“Spotlight”, a film about the Boston Globe team of journalists who uncovered the sex abuse scandal of in the Catholic church premiered on Friday. The movie has a well established cast including Rachel Mcadams Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Keaton.

I have not seen the film yet but it definitely caught my interest. It would be interesting to see how investigative journalism is portrayed in a movie.

Overall, reviews for the film that I have seen are positive. This articlefrom NPR goes more in-depth on the story and the film overall.

ESPN shuts down Grantland

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ESPN  shut down its website Grantland on Friday. The site was founded by former ESPN personality Bill Simmons and offered a different look on sports and pop culture.

Simmons and ESPN butted heads several times in the past and the network has suspended him multiple times, recently he made a permanent move to HBO.

I think this is a good move because HBO allows for more expressive personalties on air because they are not on network television.

I always liked going on Grantland because it gave a different take on sports news, it did a great job of connecting sports to other aspects of culture. It wasn’t a place to go to look at stats but read real stories about things that were going on in the world of sports.

This article in the Washington Post gives a great explanation of why Grantland was good for journalism. I don’t really think ESPN had a choice here but it is still a shame such a good website won’t be continued.

Find Old Posts With Ease

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Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook page looking for a post from so long ago you don’t even remember when you did it. Now you can search any post you made on Facebook and find it with ease.

Key-word based searches on the site will land you specific posts by yourself and your friends.

This move is made to be more like Twitter, where a specific search will land you information, pictures, and posts by friends about the topic you searched.

This article talks about how 2+ trillion posts will be available to search on Facebook.

I see this as a win/lose kind of thing. There are times when it would be helpful to search for a picture or post from a long time ago, but most people would not want people rifling through their old posts. Privacy settings will still be in place to protect your information from being searched by everyone. The article does mention the possibility of being indexed by Google and other search engines.


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