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Apple rumored to join with Beats headphones May 13, 2014

It’s no surprise that Beats Electronics, the famous headphones company, has a deal in the works to make a 3.2 billion dollar deal with Apple.

In this article from CNN, the two companies are supposedly joining together to create new headphones and a new music-streaming/music download service.

These two companies would definitely make a huge impact in the music-streaming and headphones world. Even though there is no official report that the two have made a deal, this would definitely impact the consumer and manufacturers.

I think that this match would definitely be interesting to see and would ensure a quality product from Apple. Beats has been consistently praised for creating amazing headphones. (To check out more information about Beats headphones, check out this link from CNN).

What do you think about this pairing? Do you think that this is actually a real thing? The article that I read really focused on how this is going to affect the consumer. Would it be a good thing to have both companies joined, or would it create more conflict and competition?

‘New Yorker’ cover addresses Mother’s Day May 6, 2014

New Yorker cover addresses Mother's Day.

New Yorker cover addresses Mother’s Day.

The cover above, which was designed by cartoonist Roz Chast, addresses motherhood. Chast published the following comment:

“There must be some long German compound word for the feelings that most people have about their parents, this mix, this stew of gratitude and resentment.”

The cover which will be distributed a day after Mother’s Day (May 11) features a hilarious, yet honest, look into the mind of a mother.

Growing up as an only child, my mother and I always got along very well. She still to this day gives me a great amount of sass, and I think that this comic definitely appeals to children who have silly and funny mothers.

For this Mother’s Day, I’m taking my Mom out for dinner and I already ordered her flowers that will be delivered the day before Mother’s Day. Hopefully one day she can help me keep a calm and balanced head when I have my own children.

What do you think of this comic? Do you think it’s funny and satirical or do you think it’s too blunt and maybe even dishonest?

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Owner of LA Clippers delivers racist rant April 29, 2014

LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was caught on video saying racist remarks to his girlfriend. Sterling makes a comment about how he does not want his girlfriend bringing African American friends to the games and does not want her posing in pictures with them

The full story and video of Sterling making these comment can be found here, and on the Huffington Post:


Finding out that this article was broadcast by TMZ makes me question it’s legitimacy, but I still found that multiple websites were producing articles about this subject.

If this is real, then it is truly upsetting to hear. Sterling, a wealthy owner of a very popular sports team, should not be acting in this way.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and actions, of course, but he should know better since he is in such a high position.

What do you think about these comments from Sterling? What do you think will happen to the LA Clippers and his public image?

To find an extensive list of alleged racist comments from Sterling, check out this article as well.



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With new Facebook app, find friends easier and faster April 22, 2014

Photo taken from mashable.com.


Not only has Facebook made it easier for instant hang outs, they have introduced a new feature called “Nearby Friends”.

This feature lets the user see where their nearby friends are with just a simple click. All the user needs to do is activate the feature, search for a nearby friend, and the friend will then see where your exact location is. The friend then has a detailed map that helps them find your location.

Facebook says that this is an effort to have users and friends connect more offline.

To find out how to work the new feature, check out the Mashable.com article here.

At first, I thought that this was a little strange. I’m glad that we have to personally send our information to a friend instead of having it broadcast to all of our online friends all the time.

The article says that Facebook also stores the user’s location history on it’s servers and that the user has to personally go and delete it. Facebook representatives said that this information is solely for the ‘Nearby Friends’ feature, but I still don’t like it.

I personally do not think that I will be using this feature. It would be nice to meet up spontaneously with an old friend or a co-worker, but I still think that this is going to be pretty unpopular. Even though this is a new feature, I think that Facebook should advertise this more. I haven’t seen anything about it when I log onto Facebook and had to search to find this news.



Breaking the Social Media Addiction April 15, 2014

I recently read an article that discusses how social media addiction is impacting our lives on a daily basis. This article, which was posted by Social Media Today, discusses the problems with social media and also gives examples of how to take a break from social media websites.

Some ways that we can take a break from social media without losing all ties to it includes taking frequent breaks, telling friends about dry spells, and also by reading or doing other actives when we are bored.

It was interesting to learn that social media addiction is now scientifically documented by a Harvard study.

This article also made me realize how much time I spend on social media and how frequently I use various apps on my phone to check on new social developments. I will definitely be expanding my activities so that I can lessen my time spent on social media.

What did you guys think? Do you think that our generation has a problem with social media, or do you think that we can handle the amount of time we devote to popular social media sites?

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Yahoo Looks to Expand to Online Video Streaming April 8, 2014

Yahoo announced yesterday that there are plans in the works to expand the company to offer online video streaming.



This news was released by Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, who also commented that she wanted to focus more on video expansion within Yahoo.

This would mean that Yahoo would have to compete against other popular online video streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo would accept 4 original shows that were be featured to stream online. WSJ also reports that a series that would be featured on Yahoo would cost around $700 thousand to $1 million.

Yahoo also just hired Katie Couric to be their ‘global ambassador’ and also supposedly hired an online video service for around 300 million dollars.

Being a new Netflix subscriber, I think that this move by Yahoo is risky, since Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are all widely popular. If Yahoo wants to really stand out from the crowd, they are going to need to advertise their new shows heavily and need to make sure they are original.

I think that Katie Couric will help Yahoo and their online streaming dreams, but there will still be a lot of competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime. At this time, there is no news about how much a subscription will cost and there is no date for when it will fully be announced to the public.