Safety Information

If you choose to drink do so in moderation
Refrain from heavy drinking and exercise and eat healthy to reduce the risk of health problems.
Avoid drinking if:
You are pregnant
You have been diagnosed with alcohol abuse
You have a liver disease
You have been diagnosed with a weak heart
It is never save to drink and drive and even if you do not have any of these symptoms it would be best to all ways drink in moderation or not at all. The legal drinking age is 21 and there are multiple laws in place to keep those who are able to drink free from harm such as public intoxication and no open containers.

My advice is to figure out what your limits are and stay within those boundaries. If you do decide to get drunk make sure you have a safe ride home. Always keep bottled water in your house and never leave home without your phone.

How to have a safe party with alcohol:


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Use of Alcohol

Alcohol is taken orally, it alters the brain’s neurons. It alters the enzymes and receptors, it also binds to the receptors. Alcohol numbs what you feel, it allows you to ignore emotions and makes you feel relief from stress. It can also cause fear, anxiety, and aggression.

Multiple exposures in a short amount of time can lead to these effects. High amounts of alcohol can cause liver failure and even death

Drinking for long periods of time can cause the same issues and also lead to addiction and dependance. It is possible to suffer from withdraws and cause lasting damage to your liver. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol has shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease but for the most part most of its effects are negative. Most people drink because it lowers inhibitions and stress, as long as its in moderation most people are fine.

Background Information

In the neolithic village of JIahu in the Henan province of northern China it was found that old clay pottery had residue from alcoholic beverages from 7000-5600 BC. This specific occurrence was a fermented grape and fruit wine. Alcohol beverages have always existed in some for since the beginning of time. It has many uses from medical appliances to offerings and recreational use.

When used normally alcohol can affect your breathing rate, heart rate, and your brain functions. When consumed your body can process alcohol through your liver at a rate of one beer an hour depending on multiple factors such as the type of food consumed recently and body mass.

Most recently the issues associated with alcohol come from underage drinking and driving while intoxicated.  From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in 2012 is was reported that 87.6 percent of people aged 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol in their lifetime. 24.6 percent admitted to binge drinking. More than 85,000 people die in a year from alcohol related deaths.