Make America Golf Again

I know very few serious golfers. Most of them are retired, or just don’t have a full-time job. They play this sport for leisure or they play for money.

I do not have a full-time job right now, and I don’t golf unless someone drags me to the green (this has happened). I know I guy with a full-time job though. His name is Donald Trump. I like to call him Donny-boy. Donny-boy loves to golf and somehow, even with his full-time job, finds time to golf. Applause all around.

Donny-boy has found 95 days to golf in the past year. This is amazing! If he were to keep his current position as long as eight years, he could golf 760 times! This beats Obama’s days golfing by 340 outings. Dang Donny-boy!

Donny-boy is obviously a great multi-tasker. But I’m wondering, is he any good at golf?

My dear online friend Sophie Germaine has a website dedicated to keeping score of Donny-boy’s golf outings. On her site, Trump Golf Count, she keeps score of statistics, places, and costs of Donny-boy’s golf outings. She even calculates projected times Donny-boy golfs. But this still begs the question; is Donny-boy any good?

What Germaine has found is that thus far Donny-boy has spent at least $58,734,746 of taxpayer money to golf. Though it is expensive to golf, the real cost is from flights to every private course via Air-Force one. Donny-boy’s companions vary greatly… actually not really. The vast majority of golf buddies Donny-boy has are professional athletes. Some are professional golfers, but many are football players as well. Donny-boy has only been recorded golfing with one world diplomat: Shinzo Abe, 57th prime minister of Japan. A few of Donny-boy’s golfing companions are lawyers, business executives, and other politicians. Even with all the high-profile business opportunities, Donny-boy loves to golf with athletes. Don’t we all? Quite frankly, I’d love to golf with Peyton Manning.


According to Ben Dirs from CNN, Donny-boy has a decent swing. The only critique offered in his article, Donald Trump’s golf swing? It’s pretty good, was that Donny-boy should not start his back swing with his hips; rather, Donny-boy should lead with his shoulders and let his hips follow.

Although no scores are offered on any sites, Donny-boy does seem to be a good golfer. This is a huge relief. If I were wasting my tax dollars on a bad golfer, I’d be pretty mad.


~Stay Golden~


Kate Larson

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