Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about mens fashion looks that are attractive to me and looks that are not attractive to me. Firstm let me just say it is so attractive when guys have a sense of style. I take notice to men that care about their appearance obviously I do not like a guy that is only focused on his looks. But it is very nice to see that guys put some effort in to their clothing choices. First, I can not stand when guys wear light wash jeans. They are unflattering and dated. Guys should be wearing a darker wash jeans because they make them appear thinner and it is more up to date. Also relating to the jean men should not pair their running gym shoes with jeans, to me, it looks odd. Guys should try to find other shoes to wear daily with there jeans like a more urban style pair or Nikes. Maybe even a pair or Sperry like shoes too would look really good and present a more clean cut look. I understand these items can get expensive but they are always on sale or can be perfect gifts to ask for. Before I move on, I cannot stress this enough, make sure your jeans are not floods on you. It looks like your still a little boy if your jeans, or any pants are too short on you. Moving on to shirts and tops. I am a sucker for a nice button down top, they don’t take a lot of effort, and look very gentlemanly. Another thing that bothers me about mens tops are the ties they wear. Ties are suppose to be to the length of the middle of your belt buckle boys. It looks so unprofessional when ties are not worn correctly. Same goes for any work clothing, make sure they fit you right. To end this rant on a positive note, these are very simple things you can adjust to up your look and come off more attractive to others. Also this is just my opinion so do not feel offended, I am just trying to shed some light to some fashion don’ts that I see all the time.

Feeling 22

Hey y’all!

So my birthday was just a few days ago and I want to tell you all what I got! As you can tell from the title I turned 22. My Taylor Swift year has officially started and I couldn’t be happier. I am so excited to see what 22 has in store for me. I was very blessed this year with beautiful gifts from my friends and family. First off that watch that was on my wish list post I got from my grandma! I jumped up and down once I opened it. It is Kate Spade, gold and silver with diamonds on the face. I must say it is even more beautiful in person than it was online. Another item I got for my big day was Victoria Secret fireside pjs. They are thermal and have a bold pattern, I love them! They are going to be perfect to wear over winter break. I also got two new Starbucks tumblers from my roommate. Tumblers are the perfect accessory to carry with you. The item I have got that has gotten the most use is my new two toned purple Patagonia fleece pullover. The fleece material is so soft and keeps me so warm. I also got an Express gift card so I can go shopping for new clothes. Express is one of my favorite stores and I am pumped to shop once the new year starts. Then finally I got a black cross body Kate Spade purse. It is real leather and perfect for winter! I can already see myself wearing it to downtown Chicago to go shopping and ice skating. It was such a surprise that I got it, the purse it the perfect size for me.

As you could tell I was super blessed this year with amazing gifts for my birthday! My gifts gave me a great start to entering age 22 by adding new fashion to my closet. I hope you are get showered with gifts on all of your birthday! ūüôā

Sorority Trends

Hey Y’all!

I don’t know if I told you all that I am in a sorority, but I am. I joined my freshman year and I am now a senior. So I have been involved with it for years now. If any of you are in a sorority I am sure you can relate to it or maybe get some tips from this if you just joined. Throughout these years I have come to learn the types of fashion that defines a sorority women. I want to talk about a classic sorority item which is letters! Wearing letters are a huge perk of joining a sorority, the letter represent everything the organization stands for. After one completes the beginning process you eventually earn the right the wear letters. Therefore ordering/designing letters are a fun and exciting thing to do! It is very easy to design your letters the websites explains it all very clearly. It is just a matter of you finding the design and colors you like. Sorority letters do not stop at just t-shirts, there are rain coats, cardigans, socks, jerseys, hats, pins, jewelry, blankets, cups, stickers, etc. What I think is super fun if getting matching letters with other sisters in your sorority. It makes for cute pictures. Adam Block Design is one of my favorite websites because they make really unique designs using sorority letters. They take popular brands or throwback looks and make it fit for all different sororities. Definitely check out these websites if you are in the market for ordering yourself or a friend a pair of letters.

Some of the websites I use to order letters from are:

Something Greek

Greek Gear

Jenna Benna

Etsy- Sorority Letters

Adam Block Design


OUTRAGE: No more VS Swim

Hey everyone!

So this week I have a very serious topic to discuss with you all. I am not sure if you all have heard but Victoria Secret has discontinued their swimsuit line. This completely breaks my heart and I am sure many of yours too. ALL of my swimsuits are from VS and I can not believe that they are running away from the swim business. I wonder why?… This pisses me off so much because now I do not know where I am going to go to get new swimsuits. As I have told you I am in Mexico this week and on this resort almost every swimsuit other women are wearing that caught my eye has been from VS. This became an entire pool discussion today. Swimsuit fashion is important to women because many of us work very hard to look good in our swimsuits and earn the nice VS ones. Also the VS swim wear is high quality so it was worth the cost. Yes they are more expensive than Target suits but Target suits are not as fashionable and they fade fairly quick. I have so many mixed emotions about this business choice. But I have a hunch that there are so many complaints about it that they will have to make a come back in a couple years. So in the mean time I am going to save my money and wait until they come back.

I heard about this issue from an article on Buzzfeed and through social media. I have attached the link to the website below. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this issue, I would love to hear from you.


Buzzfeed Article

Snow or Summer

Hey Y’all!

All this talk of snow coming has me thinking about summer. Not only summer but what some of my favorite summer accessories are. I am currently in Mexico sitting on the beach as I just got off the phone with my friends back at home telling me there is snow on the ground there. Looks like I got out of there just in the nick of time. So this has got me thinking about items I enjoy wearing in the summertime. I absolutely love Raybans I just got a new pair from Amazon and saved $50 compared to buying it from the Rayban website. It also had free shipping! So I recommend if you are looking for designer sunglasses you search What I love about these sunglasses is how light they feel when you are wearing them and they compliment my face shape.


Another accessory that I find myself wearing a lot throughout the summer is Vineyard Vines hats. The picture of the top of the screen of the blog actually showcases those hats but I will also drop the link to the website for you. I enjoy these hats because they come in a variety of different colors and they consist of a very cute whale logo on it. The Vineyard Vines brand is known for being very preppy and high quality. The hat reflects that very well the material it is made of is very soft comfortable while also looking fashionable. No matter what color hat you get these hats match just about anything too!

Click below to visit the Vineyard Vines website:

Vineyard Vines Hats

So while my friends are at home in the snow I am sitting here on the beach wearing my Vineyard Vine hat with my Rayban sunglasses. Stay warm!



Inspired by Pinterest

Today I want to talk about where I get my fashion inspirations from. I am sure many of you know and utilize Pinterest daily just as I do. It is such an easy app to use and now offers a buy section. I love how you can look up anything you want and it instantly pulls up hundreds of results regarding fashion. What I normally do is look up outfit ideas based on items I already have. I recently looked up ways to wear booties in the snow and it was very helpful in giving me options. You can look up anything from nail colors for the season to winter dress coats. Then from the app you can click and buy it if you really want. I have also found it helpful to look up fashion for my sorority recruitment events. Also often times it is hard to distinguish business casual and business professional and Pinterest is very helpful when trying to find the perfect interview attire. Another great thing to look up on Pinterest is outfits for certain special events coming up for example I went to the CMA Fest in Nashville last year and I based a lot of my outfits off of what I saw on Pinterest. Even for events such as your birthday it gives you ideas or for New Years Eve there are tons of ideas to pull from to look the best for those occasions. I will attach my Pinterest account to this post so feel free to check out my Pinterest fashion page if you are interested in seeing what I am talking about. Otherwise I encourage you to make your own account, warning it can be very addicting once you start pinning. I pin every single day!

Click here to see my pins:

Kat’s Pinterest

This is what my profile image looks like incase there are issues finding me!

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-7-35-15-pm                                                                                                                                            screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-7-34-08-pm

Let’s talk Christmas…Sweaters

Tis the season to be jolly… which means ugly Christmas sweaters!

I adore this time of year as most do because ugly Christmas sweaters are acceptable the entire month of December. Most of my friends have been curious where to go to find ugly Christmas sweaters, well I took the liberty of finding out for them.

There are a few stores that I recommend checking out for ugly Christmas sweaters. If you click on the blue text it will take you directly to the stores sweater pages.

1. Tj MaxxTj Maxx

2. Target/Walmart Target   Walmart

3. Amazon Amazon Sweaters

I have seen both online and in stores that Tj Maxx has sweaters that are uniquely designed and affordable. Most people do not want to spend a lot on these sweaters. Target/Walmart has a few options at each to choose from for both men and women but last I saw the stock was low. Amazon is a great place to look because they have tons to choose from. The only aspect I noticed was the fact that there is a shipping cost and it will take longer to get Also the prices vary depending on the item and where it is from.

Its so interesting to see how ugly Christmas sweaters have come back in style. To the fact that every day stores are selling them and selling out. It has been within the past six years that their popularity have dramatically increased. I am so happy it did I love my ugly Christmas sweater and I am dying to get another this year. Although thee sweaters do not look fashionable they are totally in season during the holiday season! Below I have a picture of mine! Feel free to comment a photo of yours below.


Bralettes Are All the Rage

A new fashion trend that has grown dramatically with in the past year and a half are bralettes. A lot of women have absolutely fallen in love with bralettes. I highly recommend them because of a few reasons.

1. Cheaper than regular bras.

They are cheaper because they are usually made with a type of lace and the material is much thinner including no underwire than regular bras. So the make of the bra is totally different than regular bras causing them to cost less.

2. Way more comfortable than regular bras.

They are amazingly more comfortable than regular bra because of the material they are made out of. Since bralettes are thinner and lighter they have become more favorable than bras. It feels like you are wearing nothing when you choose to wear a bralette.

3. More stylish and go with more outfits.

What is cool about bralettes is that they have become fashionably acceptable to have showing in outfits or some times they even can be worn as a top. The exposed lace helps spice up the outfit and make it more feminine.

There are many stores that sell bralettes now. The top ones I recommend are Victoria Secret and Aerie by American Eagle. They have the best quality ones and often have deals  that are buy one get one half off. To jump to the stores page click on the blue text below!

Aerie Bralettes

Victoria Secret Bralettes

There are a variety of different types of bralettes. Those include: halter, strapless, long line, triangle, plunge, racerback, scoop, perky, bandeau, high neck.




This last picture is an example of a bralette worn with outfits and how it is exposed. The picture was taken from Victoria Secret.

I enjoy wearing bralettes with open back sun dresses because then the lace peaks through the back and I can avoid wearing sticky boobs. If you don’t know what sticky boobs are that is probably a good thing. They are basically a bra that is a sticker onto the front of your chest with no backing. Another bralette I enjoy wearing is the halter kind. I have it in six different colors. What I enjoy about it is that it goes great with any kind of tank top and adds lace to the top of it. I get compliments every time I wear it that way. A very important thing to note is you chest size when it comes the bralettes because they all fit differently. Be sure to try them on before you purchase them so you know it is a right and comfortable fit. Bralettes have become so popular that I have noticed regular bras have gone on sale. Also even my mom has adopted the bralette fashion and has more than I have. If you have never tried on a bralette go to a store now and do so, it will change your life. Seriously, bralettes have made me dread putting on a regular bra. I cannot believe that bralettes weren’t around years ago.


Singing in the Snow with Sorel

Today I want to talk about my favorite winter boots because the snow will be here before you know it! Sorel, Sorel, Sorel are perfect for the winter season.

Sorel boots are well known for their durability and style. I am going to discuss one of their best sellers, which I happen to have. But Sorel offers a variety of different winter boots to check out. This pair I believe will relate more to you all and by the end of this section hopefully you can look past the price.


This boot, I am telling you is a must have for winter. At least if you are from the midwest. There are warm, water proof, and fashionable. They come a few different color options as you can see and cost $180. I know thats a scary price but they are worth it. In fact all the boots I am going to talk about are a little pricy but worth the price. So pick and choose which ones appeal to you. These boots go with any outfit, leggings, jeans, and I have even seen them with dresses. But I don’t recommend that. They are perfect for any winter occasion: sledding, playing in the snow, shoveling etc. I especially appreciate them when I am walking to and from class. They keep my feet dry and toasty! These have become a very popular item amount young women and even young moms. I would strongly recommend adding these to your Christmas list. Also sign up for Sorel’s email list so you know when they are having a sale!



Vacation Fashion

I am going to Cancun! In just a few weeks I will be one the beach in Mexico with my family. So I was inspired to write about vacation fashion and what to pack. For starters understand the weather where you are going and the type of hotel you are staying at. This will dramatically affect what you bring. I am going to be staying at Riu Palace Las Americas. This resort is known as a nicer resort that has fancier restaurants. That being said I have to pack dresses and dressier items to wear around the resort. Also many people know that Cancun is gorgeous hot tropical weather!

The first items I am going to pack are my swimsuits since I will be living in one everyday till the sun goes down. Next, I am going to pack sun dresses. I am staying there for a week so it will be safe to back 4 or 5 of them. These dresses are not cotton material but nicer fabric that go with a pair of wedges and accessories. Speaking of wedges I am only gonna pack one pair that matches everything so it saves space in my bag. Another item I have to make sure to pack are fabulous cover ups for over my swimsuits. Other clothing items to think about when going on vacation are going out clothes. So I am going to pack a couple dressier tops that pair with shorts or a skirt. Finally pajamas, I need to remember to bring comfy clothes for at night that will keep me warm because there will be AC. If you are going on vacation any time soon remember this note because there have been times where I have forgotten to pack a sweatshirt or long sleeve and i was freezing every night.

Now onto accessories!

Sunglasses are a must when going on vacation. I usually bring my Raybans with me. Also earrings don’t forget them they will go with any dinner outfit or going out on the town. Pony tails it seems so dumb to say but they are a necessity for while laying out or going in the ocean. Sun hat I suggest bringing a baseball hat and a sun hat because then you have options based on what the daily activities are.

Let’s jump back to shoes.

I suggest packing flip flops along with the wedges, some kind of close toed shoes, and gladiator sandals in case you are not feeling the heels.

Vacation is suppose to be fun but there are also a lot of pictures that get taken while on vacation so you want to look your best too because as many know those photos will end up on the Christmas cards that get sent to just about everyone your mom knows. Also don’t forget sunscreen the sun is a lot warmer if you go somewhere warm and skin health is very important! No matter when you are traveling this post may be helpful on remembering certain items to bring or just getting to know a little about me and what’s happening in my life.