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Scott Pelley

April 22nd, 2016 . by Justin Schultz


CBS anchor Scott Pelley thinks that journalists, whether it be print journalists or broadcast journalists, are getting things wrong now more than ever because there is so much information available nowadays. According to him, never has there been a time where we’ve had more information than we do now. And while there’s a lot of information available to us, there’s also bad information. That’s why Scott Pelley thinks we are getting so many things wrong today.

I agree with him for the most part. With social media sites like Twitter spewing out breaking news at an instant, how can we be 100 percent sure that information is correct? What happened to checking sources? What happened to getting confirmation from one source?

I run my own website about the Milwaukee Brewers. I refuse to print or publish anything until I see at least three qualified sources reporting the same thing. If three trusted sources are saying the same thing, I know I can run it.

In the digital age, checking sources and making sure the information is credible is even more important. The easy thing to do is to just trust what the internet tells us. It’s also the lazy thing to do. We must be diligent in our work. We can’t continue messing up.

There’s a lot of information available to us, but we need to be able to find the right information.

Please comment on whether or not you agree with him and what journalists should do to maintain their standards in the digital age.

2 Responses to “Scott Pelley”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kyle Geissler

    Credibility is obviously important in the long run, but in the near term, there’s competition to think about. My question is, is winning the competition as important as we think it is? Newsrooms are competitive with each other, but does the audience actually care who had it first? I’m sure it matters to some degree, but probably not the the degree of importance placed on being first. I’m not sure what to do about that.

  2. comment number 2 by: ANDREA SIDLAUSKAS

    I definitely agree with your stance on modern-day journalism. Everybody seems to be obsessed with being first, but not necessarily with being accurate. Like you said, it’s lazy, and it creates more harm than good to the public. Honestly, no one cares who comes out with the story first, especially if it’s inaccurate. What the public does care about, however, is the fact that the information they’re receiving is fair and true.

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