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My blog layout

May 4th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

I changed the layout of my blog quite a few times over the semester. I did this because I found it was hard to read at some points and it just looked messy. The big problem I had with the layouts at WordPress is that they didn’t look professional. I would have to upgrade/pay to have a website in order to get a layout that looked extremely clean. I run my own website through WordPress and I do pay for its services. Tell me what layout you like better: this one or this one. Obviously the second one. It looks cleaner and more professional. Designing a blog with the limits WordPress has on you isn’t the best.


One thing I don’t like about my layout is the dead white space. There’s just too much. But honestly, this is one of the few layouts that looked somewhat alright.

The biggest update I made to my blog is that I started adding pictures to my articles. The first five or so blogs I posted had no pictures and it just looked boring. But when I added pictures, I think my blog became more engaging to my readers.

In this class, I learned how to draw in audience with a solid SEO title. I’ve known about SEO for awhile now, but I didn’t fully grasp the concept until this class. Now, I make sure my own website as the best audience-drawing SEO it can have.

Graduation and the job hunt

April 30th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz


The time is almost here. Graduation is creeping up on me, and the real world is starting to get louder and louder. But a question remains.

Am I ready?

There’s one thing I’m sure of. I am ready to graduate, but I am not ready to leave. I’m not ready to leave my friends, my brothers that I have made. I feel like I just met these people. How can I possibly say goodbye? It’s easy to say “don’t worry, we’ll keep in touch.” But the reality of it is harder. Luckily, I’m hopefully living with one of my best friends out of college, so that should make it easier to keep in touch with the rest of my friends.

But not only am I getting ready to leave the place that’s been my home since 2011, I’m getting ready for the real world.

I’ve been applying to all jobs and every job. I haven’t had much luck so far, but I have a phone interview on Monday and hopefully that will get the ball rolling. The job hunt is a stressful process, especially when I still have to deal with school and finishing out the semester. I’d be lying if I said I still had motivation.

I’m ready to be done with school forever. My mind is completely tapped out. I’m ready to make a life for myself. I am ready for the future.

Scott Pelley

April 22nd, 2016 . by Justin Schultz


CBS anchor Scott Pelley thinks that journalists, whether it be print journalists or broadcast journalists, are getting things wrong now more than ever because there is so much information available nowadays. According to him, never has there been a time where we’ve had more information than we do now. And while there’s a lot of information available to us, there’s also bad information. That’s why Scott Pelley thinks we are getting so many things wrong today.

I agree with him for the most part. With social media sites like Twitter spewing out breaking news at an instant, how can we be 100 percent sure that information is correct? What happened to checking sources? What happened to getting confirmation from one source?

I run my own website about the Milwaukee Brewers. I refuse to print or publish anything until I see at least three qualified sources reporting the same thing. If three trusted sources are saying the same thing, I know I can run it.

In the digital age, checking sources and making sure the information is credible is even more important. The easy thing to do is to just trust what the internet tells us. It’s also the lazy thing to do. We must be diligent in our work. We can’t continue messing up.

There’s a lot of information available to us, but we need to be able to find the right information.

Please comment on whether or not you agree with him and what journalists should do to maintain their standards in the digital age.

Tattoos in the workplace

April 12th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

I’m about to get my first tattoo, tomorrow actually, and my mom is worried. She’s worried my tattoo will hinder me from getting a job, that businesses will see it and think I’m a “punk kid.”

Frank McManus of Harrisburg, owner of Brass Monkey Studios, participated in a panel discussion on the issues relating to tattoos and body piercing in the workplace.  "I think people should be able to express themselves," said McManus.  The discussion was held at the Susquehanna Art Museum.  Other panelists included an attorney, an aesthetician and a professor of anthropology. REBECCA BARNETT, The Patriot-News

I had one reaction to this: It’s 2016, mom, things aren’t the way they were anymore.

I know that’s a cliche saying, but it’s nonetheless true. Tattoos and piercings are a part of everyday life now. More than ever before, it’s accepted. I pierced my ears when I was 18 (six years ago) and even then I didn’t feel judged. I worked multiple jobs with my ears pierced. I was never asked about them and never felt I was being unprofessional by wearing them.

The same goes for tattoos.

Tattoos are an art form, and you could even make the argument that it’s a small branch of journalism. Journalism sometimes involves deep thoughts, and that’s exactly what tattoos can portray. Businesses have no right to sensor people. Tattoos are an expression of freedom of speech, and no one has the right to limit that.

My mom is still worried, though, no matter how much I tried to convince her that it’ll be fine. Like most things, the world has adapted and has learned to accept different things.

Now more than ever, tattoos are accepted.

Google Map

April 10th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

Twitter and the NFL

April 6th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

Yesterday, the NFL and Twitter announced that starting during the 2016-17 NFL season, Twitter will be live streaming Thursday night games for free. Twitter will live stream 10 games in all. This partnership also includes in-game highlights, as well as Periscope broadcasts.


Not only is this partnership the first of its kind, it’s also huge for Twitter, the company, as they have been struggling to make a profit since its birth. In fact, Twitter has never recorded a profitable quarter, despite its popularity. This partnership will drive more users to Twitter, increase time spent on Twitter and overall just make the social media platform more popular. Twitter has nothing to lose, but everything to gain by joining forces with the most popular sport in the United States.

Aside from the business stand point, this should add more fans to the already huge NFL fan base. Not everybody has cable. Not everybody has NFL Network (the channel Thursday night games are on). By joining with Twitter, the NFL is widening its audience by a humongous range. It’s a great marketing strategy.

Here’s to hoping the stream is of good quality. Nothing is worse than crappy video quality.


Does free speech really exist?

March 29th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

Free speech exists in America, but not really.


Let me explain.

We are allowed to say and write anything we want. Donald Trump can say whatever he wants about immigrants. He can say that he could shoot someone and still win the election. He is absolutely free to do that. But these comments, or any comments similar in nature, will receive backlash and will have consequences.


Is that really free speech?

If I went on Twitter right now, and tweeted that I hate all races that aren’t white, would I be chastised? Absolutely. Am I allowed to say that on Twitter? Well, it depends. If enough people report my tweet, Twitter has the right to shut down my account or suspend it. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound like free speech to me.

I understand that Twitter has its own rules and regulations, but its regulations should not overrule the U.S. Constitution.

Freedom of speech does not exist on Twitter, and I’m not sure it really exists elsewhere. We won’t get arrested based on our speech, unless we are actually threatening someone, but that doesn’t mean we’re free to say whatever we want.

If anything, we have freedom of speech*.


*with exceptions

The media and Donald Trump

March 15th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz


Is the media fueling Donald Trump, or is Donald Trump fueling the media?

That’s a question that came up in one of my other classes, and I think’s an interesting one. I think in the beginning, Donald Trump fueled the media. He has said so many outrageous things that the news media had no choice but to cover him. The more outlandish things Trump said, the more the media were drawn to him.

Now, however, I think the media is fueling Trump. Turn on any news station or political talk show and I bet you the main story revolves around Trump. Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has cooled down a bit when it comes to attacking certain groups of people or bullying his fellow presidential candidates. He hasn’t cooled down much, but there is a difference. Yet, the media is still all over him. If not for the media, I think Trump would have already dropped out of the race by now.

It’s fascinating to see the impact the media can make. The media tells us what’s important, and right now, the media is telling us Trump is important. This is called agenda setting, and it’s been around since the birth of media. Some people may not like it, but it’s just the way it is.

As the presidential candidate race goes on, it’ll be interesting to see just how much coverage Donald Trump garners going forward.

NCAA Selection Sunday

March 13th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz

Amazon Prime Air: Is this for real?

March 9th, 2016 . by Justin Schultz


I was talking to my roommates today, and one of them brought up the topic of Amazon drones. I had no idea what he was talking about. I was picturing an army drone flying over the Amazon River. He then explained it to me and I was flabbergasted.

Here is what Amazon has to say on what they call Amazon Prime Air:

We’re excited about Prime Air — a future delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones. Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services we already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system. Putting Prime Air into service will take some time, but we will deploy when we have the regulatory support needed to realize our vision.

My first reaction: Is this real life? Amazon is actually going into the air game? This raises so many questions. What happens if someone decides to shoot it down? What if there’s bad weather and the drone gets destroyed? Do I really want a drone knowing my address?

If anything, this is an invasion of privacy. It’s also crazy and unnecessary. I highly doubt this is really going to help Amazon’s delivery service. It’ll probably hurt it, to be honest.

What do you think about this?

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