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Isle of Sky conversation

Posted by Signe Trewyn on June 2nd, 2016

It was on the bus to the Isle of Skye where I met Richard Galaway; a thin, tall, handsome adventure guide with a lot to say on the bus ride to Skye and back.

While on the bus turning away from Edinburgh we passed a series of brown houses and Richard spoke in a truthful tone. “That’s J.K. Rowling’s house.” He ended up just joking, causing everyone to laugh because he had convinced them that she lived in that house.

Often, while on the bus he would ask, “Ready for a song, this band is Chvrches, they are from Glasgow.”

I thought to myself and said yes, because I really love music. Soon, the bus filled with the music playing softly against the engine’s rumble.

I said to the young woman next to me, “This is my favorite band.” She smiled; and said she was from Montreal.

Introducing bands was one of his favorite things to do while on the bus; he showed us bands local to Scotland. Throughout the bus routes, he continued to introduce several new rock bands.

Upon arriving at the Isle of Skye, as the bus passed several innocent blue and red boats sitting in the harbor, Richard said, “A warning to the females on this trip, see those boats, those are for nuclear activity.” At this, I became distressed and did not have much of a response, but I smiled because I figured he was joking.

We checked into the hostel, and then we walked across the beach to a restaurant. The location looked like a beach town with boats.

While on the way to the Old Man of Storr the windows showed off the mountain we were about to climb, and Richard said, “The mountain of the old man of Storr looks like an old man lying on his back.” he said and everyone on the bus began to laugh.

My impression of the Isle of Skye was that it would be surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, this came true upon arrival. On the Isle of Skye, we stopped at a point overlooking a cliff, with water on the bottom and a waterfall. After looking at the cliff for a time I walked back to said “Beautiful place isn’t it?” “Yes,” I said, in agreement.

Late in the afternoon, we took a hike up the Old Man of Storr. It was interesting to see so many rocks formed as spikes, making the mountain of Storr recognizable.

Richard said, as he left the bus toward the trail; “It’s up to you, hike at your own pace because this will take two hours.” He told the students before they departed for the hike.

‘I am just going to take this slow,’ I said.

Once I reached a high point close to the top, I began to walk down slowly, taking in the Old Man of Storr.

Later that day, Richard and I were on the bus, about to leave in order to explore the Isle of Sky further, and I asked him what he loved the most about the country. He said, ‘I like the pubs a lot, I don’t really like the weather.” This held true for him as well, because he was often seen in the pubs where we ate dinner.

At the end of the weekend; as a finale Richard turned on the Proclaimers. The song turned out to be “Five hundred miles.”

‘I bet you are going to dance like an idiot to this song,’ Richard said, and I smiled and laughed while the song played.

As Five Hundred Miles faded out, Richard asked, “Do you want to hear more songs?” I smiled and nodded my head in agreement as everyone else chimed in which caused the bus to be filled with music once more.

Upon returning to Dalkeith house; everyone pitched in and gave Richard several pounds. I said ‘Thank you,’ and he seemed equally thankful for the generosity.

Suddenly, Richard walked slowly back to the bus ending the soundtrack to our journey as he drove five hundred miles toward his next adventure.



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  1. ghd sports isl Says:

    what a mountain it is, wow i really liked the photographers angle.

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