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Great things to do in Glasgow on a budget

Posted by Signe Trewyn on June 2nd, 2016

Imagine that you have been given eighteen hours in Glasgow with a limited budget and a sense of adventure.

Kelvingrove Museum 

The museum is the best place to start, especially for those who just flew into the city with a desire to know more about the development and history of Scotland. The museum offers something for everyone, with stuffed animals near the entrance as well as a statue of author Robert Louis Stevenson. Visitors may be surprised to find that Robert Louis Stevenson was once a native to Edinburgh. The convenient hours at ten to five at night also serve as another reason to take full advantage of the museum’s exhibits.

The museum offers floors and floors of exhibits, including one on Ancient Egypt, one on armor, and a good deal of art. Familiar names can be found such as Van Gogh. The fact that the museum is free makes it all the more likely to be explored as an art gallery and as a museum. Arms and Armour cannot be overlooked, nor can the floor showcasing Scotland’s natural history.

Willow Tea Rooms

After the museum,  freshen up at Willow Tearooms with quality tea, averaging three pounds. The setting is fancy with white cloth and pastries included by order. Petite desserts can be ordered with drinks as well along with a sandwich. To keep things cheap, it is a good idea to just order tea and maybe a small dessert as well. As far as a meeting place goes, the tea room cannot be passed up, with an opportunity to enjoy quality tea or a sandwich over a conversation with a long lost friend. The tea room offers tables just for two friends getting together for a short afternoon. The atmosphere is peaceful making conversation and enjoyment easy as pie.

Glasgow School of Art 

For the art enthusiast, there is one location that offers the whole song and dance. The best part of the tour is that profits benefit the school. The school offers walking tours for an hour or two and a half hours, ideal for a traveler on their own planning to spend a good part of the afternoon. The tours are reasonably priced with a good background history on Mackintosh and his design for the buildings.

On the front of the building, the original plan by Macintosh himself is visible over the stairs leading to the entrance. One important item to note, a great majority of the school was lost to a fire on May 23rd 2014.

The Pub Still

Those who wish to have more down time with friends need not look any further than the Pub Still with its tastings every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Single Malt Scotch Whisky can be ordered from here for only ten pounds or less. Located on Hope St. it proves to be the perfect hangout spot for natives and foreigners alike.

Glasgow offers several activities to do while on a budget that are both entertaining, informative and enlightening to those who take advantage of them while on foot.

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