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Posted by Signe Trewyn on April 14th, 2016

I am excited to say that I was asked to decide on how I feel about my upcoming experience in Scotland. First off, I will begin with the idea of what I want to learn about myself is I want to learn about how my independence can take me to different places. The second thing I want to learn about is what can allow me to communicate with people so they know what I want to do with them. I want to know what is coming up in the program so I can get excited about it.

The life skills I hope to gain through this experience is important such as communicating and living independently while I am abroad so I can develop an understanding of myself. This is important to me so that I can get to know the people there, I really want to know how I can develop an appreciation for the culture on an independent basis.

That means, I want to be able to interact with the locals in order to become accustomed to living in the country since I am there for such a short time. This is to make it important to me and so I can develop as a person as well as begin to enjoy myself. Culture shock is also something I want to work with since I want to be able to transition into a different culture by myself and on my own terms instead of watching a group deal with it. This way, I can see for myself how I do make a transition to a different culture so that I can plan for the future and develop a understanding of the world.

What I want to learn about the world is the government itself and what I can discover about it in order to learn more about it. I want to learn about the relationships of Scotland has with the world. History is the biggest thing I want to learn about since that has a lot to do with Edinburgh since there is a lot of history within Edinburgh because it is a big city and it is known for its history. I want to learn about the history of the different regions in Scotland since that is a very important part of the history of the country.

One thing that is important for me to accomplish is getting past culture shock because that is important to anyone who is transitioning into a different culture and I want to learn about how the transition works for myself specifically. This understanding will be important for me to accomplish because I have never truly understood it until I will be by myself in an airport trying to transition to the plane and realizing that I am going it alone. Another thing is to balance academic responsibilities while in country because there will be opportunities to go away for the weekend but I will not have to go anywhere every weekend, because I will have schoolwork to do as well. So being efficient with time will be the most important.

The way I am going to make strides to improve my success in Scotland is to pay attention to myself while I am abroad and pay attention to how I feel. This way, I can transition successfully to Scotland and develop a clear mindset so as to have the best experience possible. As for balancing responsibilities, I will have to make sure I take care of the responsibilities of Dalkieth house as well as homework before I do anything outside of school. This is the most important part of traveling abroad, so that I will enjoy my trip the most and be able to learn a lot. I want to put the study back into study abroad.

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