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How people treat me

Posted by Signe Trewyn on March 26th, 2016

Sometimes I feel as though people are out there to evaluate my worth. They never try to get to know me or see what I am most capable of. I can’t answer questions proving my abilities or intelligence.

I can only show you what I can do, the rest of it I can tell you about. I can tell you about my experiences and tell you stories.

It seems as though people knock me down to a level where I feel defeated and not as smart as I used to feel.

When I feel this way, I feel sad, alone and wonder if I will ever get back to the level I once was, whether it is superior happiness or capability. People I know do this, though I won’t name names.

I am always looking at ways to prove myself so people do not succeed at seeing me at the level they brought me to for their own satisfaction. I know they want me to see myself at my weakest, but I won’t let them because I want them to know I am stronger than that.

This is why I write because it helps me express my feelings in a creative way, I no longer have to hurt myself, others or my belongings. I can get the negative feelings out of my head before they have a chance to take control of me and my situation.

I am glad you have taken the time to read this because this is real stuff and I promise I will get to writing more positive things later on. For now, thank you very much.

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