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Rainy Day

Posted by Signe Trewyn on March 24th, 2016

Today, it is raining making everything wet and frozen. I look out the window and see everything covered in small droplets of ice making the trees look like ghosts. Everything is budding and blossoming through the frozen rain.

The rain is heard against the house and windows slashing against the windows and accumulating on the trees in the form of circular droplets. The droplets are dripping off the budding leaves as more replace them.

Thunder occasionally sounds making the morning lazy, cold and wet.

Spring has sprung for sure with icy rain and budding leaves. Everything is in transition at this time and it looks wonderful to see everything changing and improving for the future.

The rain on the roof acts as a symphony for everything changing and becoming reborn in the season of spring. No other season has this type of event.

It is unique to spring season only. It is quite special to have a season where there is light coming out of the darkness of winter.

Small flakes of ice still cover the ground among the small plants, it is a perfect picture of early spring.

The bit of ice looks like spilled sugar, reflecting the sweetness soon to fill the garden in the next month.

This rain is a necessary event for all involved because the trees get a drink and the buds feel the first kiss and spike of ice. Everyone and everything benefits from the rainy day.


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