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I love traveling

Posted by Signe Trewyn on March 22nd, 2016

To me, traveling is a privilege for those who can afford it and those who welcome it. I believe it takes a certain person to be able to handle the rigors and transitions that come with travelling. I am fortunately one of those people.


So far during my college career, I have been to a total of three countries, which are Ecuador, Spain and Ireland. I enjoyed all three countries and they are listed in no particular order. I loved the diversity that came with Ecuador, the history and Emerald Isles that came with Ireland, and the architecture and art that came with Spain.

I enjoyed the countries because not only were they something different, they were somehow welcoming to me in their own right. The people in each location always had something to offer about their history, country or themselves. To me, that was the greatest reward.

I also built friendships in those countries that were unique in their own right. Most of the people I met as tour guides or a friend of a friend.

Either way, I enjoyed their lessons and presence. I really wish that now I can have the chance to visit them again sometime. I am friends with one of them on social media, but there is not enough room for all of them.

Traveling has brought me great happiness now and many more opportunities through photography and publishing. I have already had a photo in the Center for Global Education’s photo contest.

My photo was displayed until March 18th. I thought that was an incredible feet for me, since I really wanted to get a photo in the contest. Recently, I have had the chance to have my photo published in a small magazine as well. I feel these opportunities are necessary for me to find the job I want. I welcome each opportunity to learn and grow through new experiences and opportunities.

4 Responses to “I love traveling”

  1. Kelly Dwyer Says:

    Wow! So cool about the photo contest! Is it the one included here? Where is that? Looks beautiful!

  2. Signe Trewyn Says:

    No, that one is from the Internet, but I will be going to Brazil Aug-25th-Sept. 11th. through UW-W.

  3. Henry Black Says:

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