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A walk in the woods

Posted by Signe Trewyn on March 22nd, 2016

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk  in the woods. I wanted to take the time to see everything and not be the one always in a hurry. Granted, I was by myself, that is the way I like it though, no one to bother me.

When I entered the woods, my mind was blown as to all the different things I saw. I heard the silence of the woods, the animals bounding and scolding my presence.

I moved slowly, much slower than I usually walk. I was not accustomed to my pace, but I didn’t mind. The whole point of me going out to walk was to see the sheer beauty of the world around me.

The world around me was strikingly green, I loved seeing the moss attached to trees and the squirrels who called the trees home. I watched them as they watched me, they regarded me heavily, one walked down the trunk of a tree all while keeping its eye on me. I watched it in sheer delight, admiring its smallness and cunning.

I continued on through a tree line that made me stop and look up, the trees were the closest to skyscrapers I have ever been to. I marveled at their size and thickness, I loved watching the trees and the sounds they made while blowing. I also saw squirrels in the trees as they smashed on the leaves and leaped from branch to branch.

I also noticed the large rocks on the ground, experience told me they were granite, one of them was large and bright pink. They reminded me of the Geometry courses I took while in college, just because of their overall look.

I moved on through the thick forest, over branch and pricker to get nowhere in particular, just for the thrill of discovery.

Along the way, chipmunks greeted me alongside the trail as if they were happy I was visiting their home.

After a while, I came upon a steep hill with small rocks on the ground and a tree that looked like it could be from Alice in Wonderland. I stopped to admire its eccentricity, it sure did not appear like it belonged in such a casual woods. I looked it over top to bottom, all the while smiling because I had discovered something so unique.

Once over the hill, I discovered I was near the lake where I spooked up a small group of white tailed deer, who had been hanging out not far from the water’s edge.

At this point in the journey, I decided to turn back since it was already nearing late afternoon and I had not eaten any lunch.

Near the end of the journey, I spooked up several wild turkeys which proved to be almost a hundred by the way they bustled through the trees. They seemed alarmed by my presence because when I got closer, they moved twice as fast. I thought of this as one of the best parts of my walk.

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