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What you see is what you get

Posted by Signe Trewyn on November 22nd, 2015

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Journalism for the Web has taught me the importance of videos and visuals in stories. I love the fact that I can add photos and videos to my blog. I have found these items enhance the entire story because it keeps readers engaged.

National Public Radio discussed this very topic. The fact is that the visuals work.

I always click on stories that take me on a visual journey, these are the stories that keep me engaged the most. I feel like I can remember the story for much longer than just a bunch of text.

The article stresses the importance of the quality of the story, not how the story is told. This means incorporating a lot of the visuals. Readers are often reading the stories for a much longer time than trying to sift through a large amount of words.

Same goes with textbooks, I like to read textbooks that have visuals to act as a guide so I can understand what I am reading better.

Engagement is important to a newsroom so that stories can be clicked on and commented on. Photos and videos can enhance clicks. Most news stories today are accompanied by a photo or video.

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