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Facebook, YouTube and Twitter weigh audiences

Posted by Signe Trewyn on October 12th, 2015


Since this week is about audience and managing audience I found an article that speaks about social media. This article is a great one since it keeps track of the amount of users just like the website does in our discussion.

The article says that most users are using YouTube-a good 90% of users, I believe this is so because many users watch YouTube videos and it is the place where artists get certifications for the number record breaking views on their videos. When anyone accesses YouTube, there is always a measurement of how many people have been on the site watching the videos. There are millions of users on the video site every day since many of the videos have thousands of views on them, especially Michael Jackson videos.

The article showed that three in ten of the users are on Instagram.

For Twitter, one half are visiting the site, when I visit the Twitter account of my favorite music artists, there always seem to be so many people on the site at one time. This is meant to show the number of people visiting the site at a given time, this measurement is supposed to show the audience since this week is all about audience.

The article does not leave out demographics when it comes to Snapchat since individuals between 16-24 are using Snapchat. I know that a lot of people my age use Snapchat and I’m 21 which shows the demographic is accurate.
Below the statistics, there is a a bar graph showing how many people are on each social platform, with YouTube being the site with the highest amount of traffic, this is to say how many people visit the site and interact with its features.

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