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New York Times marks new milestone

Posted by Signe Trewyn on September 21st, 2015

computer cart

Photo taken by Signe Trewyn. The above photo is of a computer cart which shows all of the possible search engines and all the clicks.

Why I find this interesting is there are many examples of headlines within the article that are good headlines that the people look at The New York Times wants people to read. This is 50 of its best work and that is why it is making its debut to its many readers. I myself read NY Times quite often since the majority of their headlines are top notch and interesting to me. NYT only made about 50 of its articles for free to readers though, which would limit the readers to only a few to those articles. The NY Times is giving its readers a bit of a reward for subscribing to the site. The most important part of this article is that New York Times made its content available to its readers is because they are celebrating the Time’s subscriber milestone. This means there have suddenly been so many visitors and so many subscribers NYT has reached an all time high.


My opinion on this topic is that it is a good idea for NY Times to showcase their best work so that they can gain the most clicks. That way, their site can gain a large amount of traffic when readers find that there is good content to be read. By making it free, there can be a larger audience visiting the site as well as more comments on the material that is read. Users value content that is free and clickable, they can search NY Times and get content they can look at and engage with. This article is relevant to the class since the commentary this week focuses on headlines and which ones will get the most clicks. There is a list under the article showing which ones are being showcased.

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