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Google, Facebook and Apple speed up traffic

Posted by Signe Trewyn on September 3rd, 2015

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Photo taken by Signe Trewyn, the photo represents a computer lab which makes me think of the Web and Facebook, Apple as well as Google, computers also represent how fast info can be distributed.

I found the article interesting because Google has a lot of traffic on it, and the news app will only increase the traffic. It also helps users keep track of what is important to them. I found it interesting since I think that Google should have thought of this idea a long time ago. So that the site could have gained more users early on. However, this app will increase users on Google since they will be sharing info about the app. This will draw more people to the app and the information. I also found this important since I’ve been learning about audience. The app will draw a larger audience to Google, users want to know about the app and they will be attracted to Google in order to download the app. They want the product to give them their news and the point is to get the app running so people can engage with it. Facebook is making an effort to move their Buzzfeed and contributing the content to Instant Articles so that people can read it right away.

My opinion on this topic is that it is a great example of how an audience is going to be built. Facebook is also in on this since it has a service that gives people the news very quickly and that is what I’ve been learning in this class, to draw an audience and do it with visuals and stories. This allows the social media site to a large number of users. News sites and search engines work hard to provide the best information in the fastest possible way.


I question the assumption that “The Big Three” are responsible for these changes since the article only brings up the fact of Facebook, Google and Apple are revolutionizing their content. Snapchat is only briefly brought up, I wonder what other aspects of the Internet are doing. I want to learn more about what Apple is doing as well since it was only brought up briefly while the article was explaining how it gets its news info to the readers.

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