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Posted by Signe Trewyn on August 28th, 2015


The greatest strength of this blog is that it gives quality links to books that users can search for and become interested in. There was a post to compliment Women’s Equality Day and the Andersen Library gave link info to books that can be found at the library that have something to do with Women’s Equality. The blog gives updates on titles that are popular in the library and that are interesting. Another strength it has is that it shows the reader’s a photo of the book that is popular in the library and it allows the reader to see the picture of the cover before they even get to the library. The blog plays to that strength by drawing the readers to the topic of Women’s Equality by providing links. The blog provides titles such as “Driven to Distraction at Work.” The blog gives people information about where books are located and books that excite, intrigue and provoke thought. The community is students and faculty at UW-Whitewater and the blog is updated often.


The overall strength of this blog is its design, since it provides the reader with a visual of inviting places to travel to while the text is painting a picture of the many destinations. It also provides text that says “Better, Cheaper, Longer,” which encourages the reader to read the text below. The text is clean and easy to read which is another strength. The second strength is there is large traffic on this blog meaning many comments. This blog also goes through the process of audience building by allowing users to comment on the content being presented, it also has a great overall design that draws readers to the blog itself by showing pictures of beautiful destinations around the world. The audience is people who like to travel and the text provides information about travel.


This blog is unique in that it gives more of an informational approach to pets. One of its obvious strengths is that it uses a lot of photos to explain what the author is discussing. The first post is unique since it only discusses Febreeze air purifiers. Then, the blog shifts to a colorful and statistic filed pet obesity infographic which is how the blog is strong since it provides the reader with accessible and relevant information. The blog also gives exciting info to the readers including info about “Bring your pet to the vet day,” by showing a cute photo of a cat.


One way the blog builds a community is the fact that it is about pets, people in general like pets and the photo of the cat for example is supposed to look cute and inviting. The blog gives the date for the event which encourages the readers to check the blog and see what day and time to bring a pet in. The second way the blog builds a community is by allowing the readers to post comments at the end of the blog so that a conversation can be started regarding pets and their health. The infographic builds an audience since most of the traffic are people who love their pets are concerned about them. The audience would be a qualified audience since the blogger knows them because pet owners look at this blog.

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