In this weeks chapter Briggs talks a lot about the amount of information that we are overloaded with on a daily basis.  In all aspects of life we are always being hounded by news of something happening almost immediately.

While visiting Mashable this week I read an article about a millionaire that rescued thousands of African migrants stranded at sea.  It seems we are in  a crosshair when it comes to the line we draw in the use of technology and how much we want it to control our/ be apart of our lives.

Their are those who are in favor of drone use and those who oppose it.  I for one do not mind their use if it is serving good, like this story for instance.  Others could do without this level of technology all together.

Time and time again I hear complaints from people talking about how much social media is destroying our generation, all while friend requests from those same people continue to pile up on a daily basis. Could it be that this level of technology is moving at a rate that we cannot control?  Are we being bombarded by so many new gadgets and toys that interact us with the world that it is becoming a detriment to us as a society?  As the years go by, more and more examples show up and opinions are always going to be split.

In the workplace technology will always play a very important role, especially in the journalism world.  People from previous generations may not like where this career is headed, but it is headed their regardless.  Be prepared to ride the technological wave, or be ready to be overtaken by it!  The choice is yours.



One of my favorite shows on Netflix is House of Cards.  Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is a ruthless politician trying to make his mark on Washington and will stop at nothing to become President.  In this show their are several dark moments where it appears Frank will kill or remove anyone in his way.  Recently when I was on Mashable, I viewed a video that spoofed House of Cards to be a comedy show.  The trailer used upbeat music, and a funny voiceover describing Mr. Underwood as a goofy and witty guy that was constantly running into trouble in D.C.

This remake of the dark drama made me think that you can really disguise anything you would like to be something totally different.  By adding a few bells and whistles the show was portrayed in a completely different light.  So when thinking about a web site I thought the same applied.  What you want your readers to get from your website solely depends on how you display your website.  If you want it to be viewed in a serious way you use different colors and fonts then you would if you wanted it to be seen as a site for children.  Its the same idea with anything, find a canvass and paint the picture you  want others to see!



In this weeks blog I would like to touch on a show that has been one of my favorites for a few years now.  Parks and Rec had its series finale last night and while watching I could not help but notice some odd similarities to blogging and web sites.  Weird right?  Let me explain.

So if you are not familiar with the show Parks and Rec it is centered  in Pawnee Indiana, a small town that has a parks department that is filled with people who care a little to much about their jobs.  Well really only one cares about her job and that is Leslie Knoppe.  She is constantly trying to motivate others that she works with to feel the same passion for their job as she does.  She is constantly changing up what she is doing and is always looking to improve herself and the department in which she works.

Now when comparing the show Parks and Rec to running and managing a web page here are where I noticed some funny similarities.  In the show, Knoppe was always looking for new ways to liven things up. In order  to keep not only those she worked with entertained and motivated, but also those she was working for involved.  By always bringing in a variety of activities for events and never having the same event twice, she made her Parks department the best in the state.  Silly I know, but still try to think of it as a web page designer.  Your job is to always keep the content on your homepage new and relevant.  If you have the same old stuff day in and day out you will lose your audience and quickly be forgotten. Knoppe did a great job with keeping things loose and fun all while being effective with those she worked with and for.  It was because of her creative ways that kept people interested in something so minuscule as a Parks and Rec Department.  For a web designer, doing something as simple as changing the colors of your site or the font can have a huge effect on the way your website is viewed and used.


This week’s readings touched on the importance of making your blog website one that people are drawn to and feel comfortable visiting.  If you have a site that has all the best information, video’s and links in the world on it, but the color and layout is really bad then the site is not going to be nearly as effective as it could be!  With that in mind lets take a look at what certain colors mean when using them on your website.

The color blue is a very common color used on blogs, twin and both used blue quite a bit.  The feeling linked with the color blue is that of trustworthiness.  As a company being able to be trusted is one of the most important traits you need your customers to associate with you.

The color red is associated with power and strength.  When a company chooses red it means that they want to grab your attention and keep it.

Yellow is another popular color amongst advertisers and websites because it represents joy, happiness, intellect and energy.  Who wouldn’t want to be associated with those feelings!

As I learned more about colors and their importance when it comes to gaining others attention I think the color combination I would go for is a combination of blue and yellow to represent a brand that was seen as a

high energy company that enjoys what they are doing and can be trusted to do a great job on whatever they are covering!

color weel

In this weeks reading I learned a lot about the layouts of web pages.  I found it really interesting and had not really given it much thought before, but the layout of a blog has almost a science to it.  With every blog it is absolutely crucial that you can immediately draw in a visitor.  Within the first ten seconds if the person visiting the blog is not interested or finding what they are looking for they are gone!  Once you have the readers attention it is now important that you have a layout that is easily navigable for any and all users.  The easier the better when it comes to finding your way around a web page.  Having images and videos are important to me because I enjoy looking at things that deal with the website that I am visiting.  More importantly though is the content available on the site.  If their is a lot of blank space and I am not finding what I am looking for easily, Im going to a different website pretty quickly.  Again, a lot goes into having a successful website. Whether it be grabbing the readers attention and keeping it long enough to look around the site, to finding advertisers for your site, all while not over doing it to the point where the ads become a distraction to your own content.  Yes indeed, running a website is not as easy as it may seem and if you do not do it right, you may have to try over again real soon!



In this weeks readings I noticed that the topics really covered the overall concept of how web pages work.  The basics of creating a website can be difficult if not thoroughly understood at the beginning.  Creating an appealing web page is crucial to the effectiveness of that web page.  If you are the operator of a web page and you do not have a clear and eye appealing site then you are losing out on an opportunity to show case your product on the website.

In my experience  dealing with successful websites that intrigued me when visiting them all of them had several things in common.  All caught my eye with their colors and setup design and also the information I was able to gain from the site.  Nothing can ruin a business’s  website more then a website that does not capture the attention of those visiting it.  It is also very important to have a fully functional website.  What that means is a webpage that has links that work and an overall page that can be functional and easy to use by all who are visiting it.

This chapter was essential in understanding the very basics of creating a functional web page and also understanding that if the web page that your company has is not working effectively then you are losing out on a ton of potential business and visitors to that site!

My Go To Blogs

January 27, 2015 | 2 Comments


The first blog I would like to focus on is Grantland.  Grantland is a sports blog site that has some of the top writers and journalist in the sports  world.  They are renowned for their writing and in depth analysis on the hottest topics in sports.

Grantland uses top of the line reporting as its in with sports enthusiasts. Writers like Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe cover topics in a unique style that will get all of its readers to the bottom of any issue that they are covering.  They are both respected for the way they go about reporting and analyzing their stories.  Grantland keeps a special focus on not only what is going on in the sports world, but also on pop culture.  They continually combine stories that are not only popular to sports fans, but also to the fan of Hollywood and news around the world.

It is this unique coverage that has made Grantland a household name across the country and they continue to play to their strengths by combing with ESPN and Sports Illustrated.  By receiving national coverage on not only television and radio, but  also through their print magazines and websites.  Bill Simmons is featured on ESPN’s NBA Countdown show and Zach Lowe is featured regularly writing for Sports Illustrated.

In order to continually build its audience, Grantland focuses a lot of time and energy on the true investigative end of sports and pop culture journalism. When Ray Rice faced suspension for his involvement in physically abusing his then girlfriend, Grantland was right their covering the story and all the deep details that kept the readers intrigued and ultimately led to Ray Rice receiving a season long suspension.  Because of these stories, readers are always waiting for the next big story to hit and for Grantland’s great writers to cover it in their own unique style.

Grantland’s Link:


Mashable is a blog website that focuses on tech, entertainment, business, social media, lifestyle, and world news.  The reason I enjoy Mashable so much is because of its convenience.  While I am visiting the site I can get not only my daily entertainment and world news, but they are also updating and keeping you up with the latest tech and business information across the world.

Mashable’s number one strength is their ability to attract such a wide range of individuals.  You can either be a tech geek, someone looking for the latest happening in the Middle East, or looking for a good business article and you can find all of that on one location.

Mashable plays to that strength by making the website very easy to navigate and to find exactly what you are looking for quickly.  They not only update their content daily, but several times a day.  This makes it easy to visit several times a day and continually having something different to look at.

Mashable builds its audience by allowing them the opportunity to contribute to blogs and by appealing to a wide range of people.  Again, they do not specifically focus on one genre, and because of this they garner a wide audience that continues to grow.

Mashable Link:

Brew Crew Ball

Brew Crew Ball is a blog that focuses solely on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.  Since I am a die hard Brewers fan I love this blog because I am always up to date with everything Brewers.

Brew Crew Ball is great at keeping their feed up to date with not only the latest news that involved the Brewers, but they also continually have articles that contain projections, rumors and news about players and what to expect in the next game and news during the offseason.

They do a great job playing to their strengths by knowing their audience well.  They know this is a blog that is followed by basically only Brewers fans and use that to their advantage.  They are always on top of the team and the opponents the Brewers will be facing.  In the offseason they focus on possible free agent and trades the Brewers are rumored to be involved with.

To continually grow their audience they have a strong social media presence and I also follow them on twitter for constant updates on my Brewers.

Brew Crew Ball Link: