Oreo’s made a new flavor because that is just what we need

So before I jump into a clearly deliciously hot topic; the new Oreo flavor. Let me give a quick introduction… I’m Suzannah Hoff, a senior studying Journalism with a minor in communications and in case you haven’t guessed I’m an Oreo fan. Double Stuf is life.

Now that we know who I am, let’s talk chocolately-goodness. The new Oreo flavor is Cupcake…. Filled cupcake. Let’s travel back in time, when parents packed our lunches and once in a while a delicious Little Debbie treat would make it’s way into our tummy’s for lunch, making us the envy of all of our friends. This is what this cookie reminds me of.

Which I’m not mad at. In fact definitely going to try this little cookie miricle. It will be a bright spot in some seriously dreary weather.

So let’s get into some more specifics of the cookie… Upon a quick first look it just looks like your basic chocolate creamed filled Oreo…. Which I mean cool, but Oreo did that a while ago. But There’s a neat little surprise when you twist the top cookie and reveal the vanilla cream center amidst the chocolatey outer layer.


Here’s the Buzzfeed article, in case your cookie obsession is strong and you need to know more.