January 31st, 2016

3 Blog Commentary

Journalism is transforming. It is becoming far more than newspaper and magazine publication. We are seeing journalists come from all walks of life, and within their diversity they are bringing with them new kinds of publications and multiple forms of journalism that may not seem mainstream, but appeal to niche markets. This allows for audiences to find exactly what fits their needs. As a journalist, I want to be a fashion and beauty writer, and this is why I chose the blogs that I did. They have helped me immensely in studying fashion, and helping me tailor the way I write and how I appeal to audiences. My favorite blogs are as follows: The Sartorialist, Tati, and Wayne Goss.

The Sartorialist is ran by Scott Schuman, a fashion blogger/photographer who started the blog with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. Scott’s blog is image heavy, as it is about other peoples street style. He simply takes pictures of people who’s style he finds intriguing and posts it to the blog. His silence is one of his greatest strengths because it allows his readers to express their views about the outfits without him placing his opinion in there. This allows readers to feel as if they are part of something greater.

Tati is a self proclaimed make up artist who runs a Youtube channel in her namesake. Her videos are all about testing out new makeup and makeup techniques. She appeals to her audience because she tests out products that most people wouldn’t buy because of the price tag. Her honesty about the products, lets her viewers see what is worth buying and what to pass up at the beauty counter. She also looks at products that her viewers want her to try and teaches make up techniques for different face types and people.

Wayne Goss Goss runs a Youtube channel and a website about make up. What makes him different from Tati is that he not only talks about makeup for women, but also how to do things like contouring for men. Marketing towards makeup for men draws a large audience because more and more men are becoming more comfortable with wearing make up. He also listens to his audience, and actively caters towards his their needs. He created a line of make up brushes in 2013 in order to further cater to his audiences.