Newspaper Digital Strategy Blunder

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I was in the process of looking for an advertising article for another class and I stumbled upon a very interesting article in The Buttry Diary. This article examined arguably one of the largest missed opportunities in all of the media industry that has consequences far reaching of anything we could have imagined.

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Social Media Debate Coverage Popularity Increase

October 16th, 2016 Posted in Web Related | 4 Comments »


According to an article on Lost Remote the number of people watching the debate on Twitter and YouTube increased from the first debate to the second. Similarly between the same two debates the number of television viewers declined during this period.

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My Site Changes

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Hello readers!
I recently I have made many changes to the site. Hopefully these will make it easier for you to find information you are looking for on the site.
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Steel Journalism Reporting Dead?

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The steel city strongly supported two sources of newspapers for as long as they could. In an article titled RIP to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, they discussed the fact the newspaper will be stopping their hard copy delivery. Read the rest of this entry »

Silencing Conversation Good or Bad?

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Today I found an interesting article on Net News Check that discussed the issue of online publishers getting rid of the comments section.

In the age of the web based journalism revolution, this is an interesting topic. Ron Stitt states that without the comments section the ROI of the site decreases because the engagement with the audience disappears. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Review

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The three blogs that I reviewed have similar audiences. They are all blogs that cover topics of home renovation and do it yourself projects. While they all fit under the same general umbrella, they each are very different. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hello all! Welcome to my blog. The site is currently under construction. New content will be coming soon, so stay posted. Check out the About Me page to learn about the author.