Looking Back on the Semester

December 17th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized


Throughout this semester we have discussed and examined many issues and ideas that journalists are currently facing or will face in the foreseeable future. I tried to keep the topics organized so that people could find them easily. I wanted to write all of the blog posts with a similar style. I wanted to make sure that I started each one with a review of the facts and articles and then continue on with my discussion and thoughts on the topic.  

In terms of the style of the blog it has not changed much since the middle of the semester. I like the way it is laid out. I believe that it is organized and easily scan able in order to help the reader navigate the site. I also at this point made color changes to make it easier to read. I made the change to give a teaser on the site and then link to the full article because I believe it made the site easier to skim through and it looked more professional.

This semester I learned a lot form the articles I read especially. While they brought some class concepts into the real world they gave an inside look at some things that future journalists will face that we did not discuss in class. I believe that these are some of the most valuable concepts we looked at. I also learned a lot about the basics of blogging and some tips and tricks to be better at it. I plan to take the skills that I learned and use them as an extension of a DIY TV show I am planning on starting. I will be adding a blogging aspect to connect with viewers and will use many of the things I learned here.   

Thanks for reading my blog this semester and stay tuned for more information of my new TV Show and blogging endeavors!  

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