Scott Pelley Words of Wisdom

December 4th, 2016 Posted in Print Related, TV Related, Web Related

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In 2013 Scott Pelley won the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award. In his acceptance speech he emphasized the idea that journalism as it is today is not working. He cited several major errors on the media’s part one of them being his own mistake in reporting on Newtown. He stated that there is a push from within the industry to be first but being first and wrong helps no one.  

I completely agree with his message that the fundamental principles of journalism are more often than not are being overlooked for bragging rights of being first, profits, higher ratings and other things that only benefit the egos of the media outlets. These in no way these are helping the public. By getting the big stories wrong the public has little trust in the media and that is something this next generation of journalists will have to fix. In order to do that journalists need to slow down and make sure they are accurate in their reporting.

By focusing on fundamentals and producing better content people will see the value in journalism. As a result more people will be accurately informed. In my Media Ethics class we discussed several journalistic values that have to be weighed in order to make a tough decision. In this case I believe that it is essential that that the value of accuracy is placed above all others. If journalism fails the people, the country as we know it could fail as well. This has far greater implications than just the bottom line of the media industry. All journalists would be good to take some of the advice Scott laid out in his speech.

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  2. By Kyle on Dec 4, 2016

    Question: Should one of the pillars of our democracy be dependent on business outcomes? If journalism is so important, should it be financially supported some other way?

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