Facebook Unsuccessful in Promoting Nightly Newscasts

November 13th, 2016 Posted in TV Related, Web Related


Today I found an interesting on the Advancing The Story blog. It discussed the idea that while Facebook is working well to promote news websites it is struggling to promote nightly newscasts. The article says that the most successful post was a video that people watched and then commented on.  

This is not something that I find surprising. In the modern era people do not like one way communication of the news. Television newscasts along are still in that one dimensional form. People like to have their opinion heard and they like to share ideas with others. Similarly people who are on Facebook the most are not the people who are likely to watch nightly newscasts. In reality television stations are marketing to the wrong demographic.

 So what can the television news industry do? They need to find a way to connect with the younger generation. The generation that watches the nightly news is that of the baby boomers. The future generation is not likely to watch the nightly news. Therefore if it is to survive it has to adapt to a form that the people want. I expect that the nightly news will be shorter and be available online only. It will be in a similar format but the entire show will be available for people to see at any time.   

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  2. By Dan Mahoney on Nov 13, 2016

    I agree that if nightly news wants to continue it should make a large online push. They could try to live stream the show on Facebook or as you said make it available at anytime. Maybe they could even try to make a push to YouTube where people can leave comments and have discussions in the comment section.

  3. By Kyle Geissler on Nov 14, 2016

    The issue here is the same one newspapers faced when they put their content online. TV stations need people to watch the newscasts on TV. That’s how the bills get paid. They get little for putting newscasts on Facebook. Perhaps a monetization method could be worked out, but newspapers are still waiting for that to happen.

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