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October 9th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized


Hello readers!
I recently I have made many changes to the site. Hopefully these will make it easier for you to find information you are looking for on the site.

Here are the changes
1. The Biggest Change
First the overall look of the site is different. I changed the theme in the Word-Press hosting service. This theme I think has text that is easier to read now that it is black text on a white background. There is more whitespace that highlight the accents of color.

2. Organization
I organized and categorized all the posts. Now there is a new widget that will allow you to search for content by areas of web, print, and television related stories. This will allow you to find the content you want faster instead of scrolling through everything.

3. Right Panel
Also along with organization I relabeled many of the widgets in the side panel. I did this to not only make it easier for you to find posts and comments faster but to make it a little more fun with some non-generic headings. I also am in the process of adding to that panel rss feds for other blogs.

4. Scanning
I also changed the home page to only have the first few lines of the story with a link the rest of the text. This is a common feature that I noticed on many other websites. This makes it easier for people to quickly look through all of the content on the site.

These are just some of the changes that I have made thus far. More are to come. So, take a look around and play with the site. I would love feedback on what you guys think of the changes. Let me know what you like or don’t like in the comments section below.

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  2. By Cameron Schwarz on Oct 9, 2016


    This is the first time I have been on your blog, but it looks very organized in the right panel. I will probably spend more time managing my widgets after taking a look at your site. I also, like this new layout that you chose. It’s easy on the eye and looks professional. Overall, well done!

  3. By Dan Mahoney on Oct 9, 2016

    I really like what you did with the side bar. Getting rid of the more generic names like “comments” and putting in “What People Think” was very clever. Your homepage also looks nicely done with the showing of just a few sentences and then the viewer has to click on the article to see the whole story. It keeps your homepage organized.

  4. By Nico Martin on Oct 10, 2016

    I think all of these changes will definitely improve the overall ease of navigation of your blog. I especially like everything you have in the right panel and the creation of the categories. I had a similar idea to improve the navigation of my own blog. I didn’t use scanning but after see it work on this blog, I might have to test it out. Good job; your blog is much improved!

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