Steel Journalism Reporting Dead?

October 1st, 2016 Posted in Print Related, Web Related


The steel city strongly supported two sources of newspapers for as long as they could. In an article titled RIP to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, they discussed the fact the newspaper will be stopping their hard copy delivery.

As a result the paper will only produce content for the online medium and will have to lay off over 100 employees. This is just another statistic for the national narrative of media consolidation and disappearance of traditional sources in the digital age. However, will they be able to sustain themselves in the online only format? The paper closed because it had significantly less subscriptions that the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. As the article mentioned, two paper towns are dwindling because the market is just not big enough. With the Post-Gazette newspaper being more popular the Tribune-Review will almost certainly cease to exist because no one will read it.

This idea of closure and consolidation is not unique to this situation. With more consolidation the media message are becoming fewer in the sense that one outlet controls the messages for an entire market. There are no different points of view. This is especially alarming since most other news outlets get their information from newspapers.

The problem, that mostly started with the introduction of free web news content has made journalists jobs impossible. If the role of journalists is to be the watchdogs of society, how on earth can they possibly do their jobs effectively? As a result of consolidation and increased deadlines there is less staff producing more content. They are writing things that people want to read not what they need to know. This is causing our society to be less informed on crucial issues.

This is most likely what will happen to the Tribune-Review’s online edition. There will be less hard hitting news and more soft content. The steel reporting will melt in order to please the new online audience.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Steel Journalism Reporting Dead?”

  2. By Kolton Hegstrom on Oct 2, 2016

    I’m not surprised that a city like Pittsburg can’t sustain two print newspapers. I think it is sad that all of these papers are letting journalists go, but at the same time this is a business and if the papers aren’t making enough money you can’t expect them to stay open. And as for the point that most online outlets get their news from the papers I think that as time moves on the online journalists will continue to get better and better.

  3. By Kyle on Oct 3, 2016

    I fear you’re right, but I still have faith in the future. The audience for news is larger than ever before. I believe there’s a way to support journalism when there’s such a big audience, even if it hasn’t been figured out yet. I think it will happen, but not by anyone from my generation. It will be younger journalists who will figure it out.

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