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September 18th, 2016 Posted in Web Related

The three blogs that I reviewed have similar audiences. They are all blogs that cover topics of home renovation and do it yourself projects. While they all fit under the same general umbrella, they each are very different.

The first one titled Bob Vila: Tried, True, Trustworthy Home Advice features former home improvement host Bob Vila who spent some time on the famous TV show This Old House. The blogs greatest strength is ultimately its name. Bob Vila has a great reputation as a home improvement expert. The site features how to videos from his other shows and this attracts an older generation who watched the original airings of these programs. Also the sites modern design and easy navigation features helps draw the younger crowd. There is a find a pro feature that helps users find construction professionals that are reputable which in this day in age is hard to do.

In terms of including and engaging audiences, the site has a “Discuss It” page that is an open forum where people can post questions and ideas on home improvement topics. The site also features ways to post the stories and ideas to social media so that you can share interesting things with friends.

The Next blog is Retro Renovation. One of the sites great strengths is that it has a much defined focus which happens to have a very large audience recently. The site is for people renovating or decorating house with the mid-century modern style. The site helps connect people with DIY information. Similarly, the advertisements all are for vintage style products for these types of restoration projects. The fun and playful style of the website also fits the audience well. They use 60’s era art/pictures to be funny and illustrate ideas and products. Also where instead of saying click here for more info, it is more fun and says “Heck yeah there is more.”

In terms of connecting the audience the blog has the standard comments sections and links to social media. Other than that the advertisements connect people who are searching for these vintage style products offline.

The finial blog is simply called Do it Yourself. The sites greatest strength is that it is a how to site for everything from homes to, boats, cars, cooking, lifestyle choices, finance and more. Its wide appeal makes it popular. Each section is laid out almost the same and contains extensive step by step directions on how to accomplish the respective tasks or projects. Each section is neatly labeled and at the bottom of the page there is a neat list of everything that the site covers. There is a section for finding professional advice.

This website does the best of connecting the audience. It has forums for people to discuss innovation and ask questions about these topics. It also has a separate place for people to post their work and projects. On top of this there is links to share and post thing to social media to connect and draw in other people.

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