DIY Fast Fashion

As someone who is guilty of falling for fast fashion trends, I am no stranger to buying a $20-$30 top, wearing it once, taking an instagram picture in it, and then never wearing it again. Working a part-time job, I cant afford to stay up with all the trends and still pay the bills, but I have found away around it. I started going to thrift stores, GoodWill and St. Vincent Depaul, and looking for things that could be flipped into fast fashion. This takes a little time and practice, but I have found some helpful videos online that give tutorials on how to flip thrift store finds into trendy tops. I’ll post the pictures of my own flips and the video I watched in order to achieve these looks. It takes a little effort and trial and error, but it is definitely worth it. My bank account and my Instagram have both improved since I started doing this. Theres no better feeling than when someone asks where I got a top that I thrifted and telling them it was $4 from GoodWill.

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