The Future of Reputation

The internet is a very public sphere. To connect with almost anyone we want seems to cost us personal information. Without this information you can not be found. To most people it is in their control. If you don’t want someone to know where you live, don’t post it online. There are exceptions to this however. In the case of the lady and her dog that pooped on the subway. Her privacy was invaded by people when the video of her was viral and she gained a level of notoriety. This is interesting because growing up with the internet we were taught not to put anything up that we didn’t want people to see. Now it seems that it is almost out of our hands. The rule now is don’t do anything you don’t want people to see. Was it wrong of her to not pick up after her dog? Yes, but if she had known the backlash that she would face, she would have done anything to clean up that floor. Being in the google generation our information is not as private as we think. I know just from placing at state in wrestling anyone can find out my height, weight, high school and college from one google search. This is information that I never consented to being posted and while it seems like innocent information to give out the idea that I was never consulted by Track Wrestling is concerning to me. It is interesting to me that the article explores the idea that in todays age a lack of privacy is the only way to restrict free speech. I’m not sure if I agree with this or not but it is defiantly an interesting idea.

It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

This story touches on not only the connection of people through technology but also the class system that wealth can create. When Ivanna lost her phone, she responded like anyone would, she tried to find it and when she couldn’t she reluctantly purchased a new one. Sasha, the girl who found Ivanna’s phone acted in a way that I myself would not have had I been in her situation. The connection between Ivanna and Sasha was something that couldn’t have happened 20 years ago. While this connection is interesting and a little uneasy for Ivanna. The story was much more invested in the class structure and how it was a replicable device for Ivanna, but for someone of a lower socio economical background like Sasha it was a phone she had no other way of owning. There is an obvious resentment toward Ivanna from Sasha. In an age where more can be shared online. The culture of wealth and appearance of wealth is a quite interesting trend on social media. I have seen a huge effort from my generation and even millennials to appear rich and successful on social media. The formula is as simple as that of a music video. Let’s get a lot of money and expensive cars to show the viewers how amazing we are and how much wealth and power we have. The same thing is happening more and more on social media.

Love Online Article Review

Online interaction is quite different than the interaction that my parents’ generation is used to. I myself even am a little uneasy about the topic but others close to my age and younger have little to no issue with 100% online relationships. In the Article, Henry a 15-year-old is in this very situation. He drives all the way from Massachusetts to Nebraska to meet the girl he’s been dating online. This type of interaction and behavior is becoming more and more common in today’s world of instant communication. The whole thing seems strange because it is not the ordinary thing to do. The extravagant things that Henry does for his girlfriend, such as the wine stain imprint of his lips, struck me as odd when I first read them. Then I realized that they would not be strange to me if it was a regular relationship and they saw each other every day face to face. My own feelings of uneasiness are attached to a stigma against online dating that I have. It’s not that I don’t accept online dating or look down upon it, more that It is still unknown and new to me as I myself have never experienced an online relationship.