July 23rd, 2014

My Journey as a Writer.

These past few weeks have been eye opening, when it comes to my skill as a writer.  At the start of the class, I thought the course would be easy.  I was prepared to glide right through to the end of the three weeks.  I soon learned that I was not as equipped journalistically as I had thought.

The variety of topics and prompts had me stumped at times.  It took a lot of time and creativity to come up with features that were worthy of being published in a credible publication.  Finding a publication that would fit what I was writing about was the hardest part of process.  It required to me research different magazines and read some of there past articles.

No matter what I do after this class has wrapped up, I think I definitely have blossomed as a writer.  I am confident that when I move onto my next step in my career I will utilize what I have learned during these past three weeks.

When it comes to ways I can improve,  I think that I need to concentrate on my target publication more.  I also believe I need to focus more on my subject and keep myself out of the story.  When looking at publications I need to pay more attention on the freelance details to make sure my article has a better chance of being published.

This class has been fun in the way that I have more journalistic freedom to write about subjects that I find interesting.  I hope that in the future I will be able to write more on subjects that I like to write about.  I think that when you write about topics that you find interesting, your writing is improved.


July 17th, 2014

Writers’ Block.

Slamming the keyboard, biting your pencil, doodling.  If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you might have a case of writers’ block.  The frustration of either not getting your thoughts on paper, or not having a thought for the matter can be one of the most unpleasant feelings a writer can have.

When I have trouble writing, I get warm and clammy.  Not being able to write can be very annoying, especially when you know what your going talking about.  I remember at one time when I had to write a paper on what human rights meant to me.  This sounds like an easy task, especially because the assignment was so open to interpretation.  At first I was excited about the assignment and then when it came down to the cursor blinking facetiously on that stark white paper, I had nothing to say.  It was not that I did not have ideas, but I did not know where to begin.  I could not organize what I needed to say.

In my experience I have found that writers block can occur when I am feeling anxious about a piece or uninterested.  I have found a few ways to cope with these types of situations.  If I am having trouble scrounging up ideas I will just step outside.  Walking downtown is one activity I like to do when I am coming up short with creativity.  People watching can be very therapeutic for a writer.  Not thinking about something for awhile and then coming back to it tends to cure writers block…in most cases.  The best cure for writers’ block that I use during my work regimen is music.  Music can be the perfect anecdote for writers block.  I try to choose music that is not to catchy or lyrical.  Instrumental music or classic music has a way of putting the mind at ease and igniting the spark for writing.

Next time you are at a loss for words and being outside just isn’t cutting it, try not thinking about the assignment or pop in some Mozart.



July 11th, 2014

The Journalist at Work.

As a journalist student, I was looking forward to taking this class very much.  I enjoy writing and try to incorporate it into my everyday routine.  These past few weeks I have been doing a little “soul searching.”  I have been trying to really figure out where I want to go after this class is over.  I will be done with school and ready for the next chapter of my life.  The problem with this is that I have yet to find a job or a clear answer on where I would like to go.  Whenever I see a photo that inspires me or here a song that triggers a sense of understanding, I write down the way I felt and imagined myself doing at that moment.  This may seem childish but I think this is a great way of understanding yourself.  Besides this form of journaling, I have been reading a lot as well.  Right now I am reading “The Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton.  I like exploring different styles of writing; I find it inspiring.

The current piece I am writing concentrates on the owner of a local supper club, The Duck Inn.  Jeff Karbash has owned the Duck Inn for a decade and I am currently employed by him.  I find his managerial style tactful and have been interviewing him about his techniques.  Interviewing is probably one of my favorite aspects of journalism.  Especially face to face interviews.  I have had experience in the past with interviews, and hope to have many more in career.

I have already started thinking of other ideas for feature articles.  I like to come up with ideas based on what I am currently doing or involved in.  The most recent aspect of my life that I feel like is worthwhile writing about, is how my life has changed since I deleted my Facebook account.  My decision to delete my account was made when I found myself automatically typing “Facebook.com” into the search engine whenever I got on my computer.  I thought to myself, “Why am I so infatuated with this social media site?” The aftermath of this change has been nothing but positive.  My concern with this article is finding a publication that would fit the content of this piece.  However, I do think that the idea is interesting and relevant to many people.

Besides pumping out quality work for this class, I am working and sending out resumes like it is my second job.  I have always been really good at managing a full schedule.  This class is interesting so far and I do not find myself dreading to work on the assignments.  I realize only improvements on my journalism can come from taking this class.


July 8th, 2014

Who Am I?

My name is Questina Garigliano and I am finished with college after this feature writing class.  I am a Broadcast/ Print/ Web Journalism major with a minor in Communications and emphasis  in Public Relations.  My main focus is in Broadcast.  I am currently on the hunt for a reporting or multimedia journalist position.  The process is slow but I am hoping for a bite soon.


Check out my professional blog with some of my work.  In the past I have worked for the       CW57 (WBUW).  I had so many amazing opportunities including interviewing the Badgers, J.J Watt, holding a baby kangaroo, and even interviewing some bands.

I hope to move to a big city to expand my horizons professionally and culturally.  Not only do I enjoy writing and being in front of the camera, but I am savvy with filming and video editing software.  I really enjoy telling a story visually, while utilizing my creativity through film.

I am excited to see what the future holds.  It is an unsettling job market at the moment but I remain hopeful.  UW-Whitewater has been good to me in developing the skills I possess today and I am very grateful. The future may be blurry to me at this point, but I am sure that there is a place for me in the field somewhere.