A Scottish Farewell

June 10th, 2016

As I wander the halls of Dalkeith house for the last time, I remained pensive about my final hours in Scotland. This morning was spent watching students depart for elsewhere in Europe, either to Paris or Rome.

I was proud of their tenacity to explore the world so independently.

Earlier today, I took the time to read my Harry Potter book in the library which had a view of Montagu bridge. Reading in this setting proved to be the most magical part of the entire experience.

I flipped past every page faster than I would have at home and smiled to myself when I discovered every surprise the book had to offer.

Today was a day I took for only myself, given the fact that Experience Scotland has been my own experience. I wanted to make it the best it could possibly be by exploring the grounds of Dalkeith house.

Eventually, I found myself surrounded by forest and small forest creatures, I put my fingers upon a spider crawling on the railing after just viewing a duck swim down the river.

I walked a bit farther to see that the river continued on to reveal even more dirt trail.

I thought this was one of the best ways to say goodbye within the forest while looking at Dalkeith house in the distance. To be honest, I did not feel lonely simply because I was in the forest surrounded by beauty.

The floor of the trail was lined with bright green vegetation with the occasional flower being pastel blue or pink. These little surprises proved to be one of the best ways to suppress my sadness of leaving for the summer.

As I walked closer to the house, I saw an older man with his dog who was running after a stick. I regarded him briefly while walking at the same time.

He spoke to me about where I was from and asked if I liked it here, I agreed and felt the sadness creep up on me once again.

Near the end of the afternoon, I felt as though the journey had come full circle with the people I talked to and the opportunities available. This is what makes the end all the more satisfying and bittersweet.