College Essay

May 10th, 2016

When I was in elementary school, I opened my eyes to UW-Whitewater when I was brought to the university on field trips to the Young Auditorium. I was exposed to the artistic culture of campus when I was young, so I believe that is where my love of UW-Whitewater began. The opportunities available to me prepared me for my transition to college and beyond.

From there, I wanted to learn more about higher education. I learned about housing and the buildings I would eventually walk in and out of each day. I gathered these facts from my mother who went to UW-Madison, I was impressed at her tenacity in learning to build her future career. These factors allowed me to appreciate my experience while in college because I had a general idea of what it would be like. Public speaking prepares me for my job so that I will be able to present effective presentations and articulate ideas clearly to clients.

Once I came to high school, I gained experience with public speaking and foreign language, I needed those skills to succeed with getting admitted to college. This advice encouraged me to excel at my speaking skills. Forensics was the one opportunity that polished my speaking skills and inspired me to pursue radio while in college. My Forensics coach told me that communication skills were important when applying to college because public speaking is such a large component in college courses. This experience prepared me for the many speeches I would give for my communication classes.

Before I set foot on campus for the fall semester, I participated in a summer transition program that got me ready for the rigors of college while getting a taste of dorm life. I gained experience with getting myself to class on my own while getting to know the campus. I enjoyed the freedom of doing work on my own time as well as get to know the people of campus, who proved to be quite friendly. The transition program felt like it secured my future here at UW-Whitewater because it helped me with the transition that comes with college. Besides the preparation in high school, this experience was the most influential because I got to experience college and I learned about personal and academic resources. Learning to make a transition to a new environment makes me able to adapt to new people and new situations in a job setting. .

Once I came to college, I arrived with my love of writing and at first I wanted to be an author. Soon, it became clear that journalism would be my main focus until graduation. I decided that I came to college because I wanted to find my passion and to meet new friends. The reality of college turned out to be what I expected because I learned so much about it. I was expecting independence as well as a heavier workload. Higher education turned out to be a chance to meet new people and engage with a flexible schedule. This routine helped me because I enjoy meeting new people which in the future will build contacts for me as well as people I will continue learning from in the future.

During my early years at UW-Whitewater, I became entertained and enthralled with journalism. I felt like this was what I want to do with the rest of my life since it includes print, TV and radio. I love all of these mediums and I have had the pleasure to work with all of them while in college. I also have a minor in Communication. Ever since I got out of high school, I was already a writing enthusiast since I wrote essays for classes. As a freshman, I took up the Royal Purple and I was very impressed with what I was capable of. To be honest, journalism was my first choice, I became interested in it after I found out I wanted to pursue the field after interning at a radio station. My major has worked wonders for my career choices because I feel like there are so many opportunities available for me in the broadcast and print field.

However, I have found journalism has been quite competitive to get into. Over and over, I have been told no, but I know I am prepared for what is ahead in life since I have a portfolio full of the articles I have written for my newspaper practicum class. The journalism classes have prepared me for my future better than my communication classes. Without this, I would have felt unprepared without my journalism classes to guide me in what the employer wants. However, my communication minor did allow me to take a career class that prepared me for my job search by giving me cover letter and resume tips.

The most important thing I have learned while at UW-Whitewater is to be yourself and do what works best for a student. Meaning a student should follow their own path in life and get themselves into a manageable routine. College should be a student’s experience and they only get out of it what they put in, thus they should make it the most positive and rewarding experience possible. Students should follow their schedule and take the classes they want to take, I feel as though this way students will have more fun. Warhawks have the chance to write their own legacy here at Whitewater, four years only last so long. It is fun to have friends to graduate with than just yourself. Friends and experiences helps students open their eyes to the freedoms college life offers and also to the advice certain individuals can give soon to be graduates like me about the working world.

Another asset to enjoying college life is embracing available opportunities, whether it be an internship, a career class or a study abroad opportunity, if it is affordable and right for someone. Doing so allows a person to develop a purpose for college as well as an appreciation for the four years of independence. These opportunities will sharpen a resume and diversify experiences. The extracurricular activities and student organizations UW-Whitewater offers should not be overlooked. From Forensics to Whitewater Student Government, there are many opportunities available to students. The Royal Purple helps students gain experience not only in the article process, but as well as a newsroom. The years spent at the Royal Purple have improved my research and reporting skills which will be a valuable asset after college.

Often, I find myself looking at the world as a wonderful place to be explored and I feel as though I am in a great place to explore it. I love seeing new countries because I took the opportunity to explore it while in college, I feel like I really opened my eyes to college life that way, I took full advantage of it. I hope more people take advantage of college the way I did, I know it is not always possible, but when a student does travel and learn about the world, they will not regret it. Having the chance to see the art and perspectives of another culture have made me more aware and appreciative of aspects of our culture. This has made me smarter in that I know more about dance performed around the world, it is important for me as a journalist like me to know these facts for my future career.

These experiences have changed me as a person because studying abroad has increased my awareness of another culture and allowed me to utilize my independence. I feel as though I can understand others on campus as well as interact with people from other cultures at campus events. College has taught me to learn about different cultures and how history is tied to tradition, I saw a lot of this in Ireland with the dark events that have happened. When I was in Spain, I got to see different artistic works that I would not have learned about in a classroom. When I am out in the world, I can identify certain dances that I learned in class which makes me culturally competent.

If I had chosen a different path, I would have explored an English major because I love writing so much. Journalism might have been my minor. Throughout my career at UW-Whitewater, I have seen signs around campus promoting the major so I regret that I did not pick up a major. I have discovered I like writing essays so I would have liked to do more of that as a major. Also, I would have added an emphasis in a foreign language because I was passionate about the Spanish language in high school.

It is important to remember, college is not just about taking classes or eating pizza. It is also about self-discovery and having fun since the four years are essential. Hopefully, there is time to do some learning outside of the classroom as well through study abroad. All of these events and lessons allowed me to gain experience with college, I got to open my eye to every event and opportunity. Fortunately, I got to pursue all the opportunities and be a successful overall student. The opportunities available to me prepared me for my transition to college and beyond with the travel experiences preparing me for life as a journalist and the transition program made college worthwhile.