Two mayoral candidates vie for the position in Elkhorn.

April 19th, 2016

The Mayor position runs for four years in Elkhorn and pays at least $7,000 in annual salary. The mayor is ahead of developers as well as the council agenda. The mayor acts as the leader of the Elkhorn City Council, speaking for the county and the government as a whole.

Elkhorn’s mayor seat is open to the two candidates, Brian Olson and Howie Reynolds seeks to obtain the position.

The incumbent, Brian Olson currently holds office, and seeks to win the seat back, after serving for one term as mayor. He hopes to improve the Elkhorn community in the future.

Olson described the job as having a two year term, he served as the mayor for two years and is looking to fill the seat once again.

“I hope to improve parks, the city and the roads,” Olson said.

Olson proves to be a qualifying candidate with a diploma from Greendale High School in Arizona, in 1995.

Olson has served two years, he also hopes to improve business growth policy in Elkhorn.

He also has 18 years of experience being involved in small business as well as a manufacturing plant.

One of Olson’s goals is to rebuild the Elkhorn City Hall downtown, he also brings an open atmosphere to the people of Elkhorn.

Another one of his goals is to build off of what is already accomplished as well as create equal jobs for those in Elkhorn such stable tech businesses.

“I have been working on a site as well as on architectural design, folks can contact me and I have been working with companies in Illinois,” Olson said.

Olson also hopes to bring new job opportunities to Elkhorn which he hopes will receive positive responses from the public.

Opponent Howie Reynolds also has high hopes for the city of Elkhorn as mayor.

“I enjoyed being mayor and I am passionate about the city,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds hopes to improve the cities’ roads and water infrastructure as the mayor of Elkhorn.

“I enjoy talking to people and expect to be treated with respect,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds graduated from Elkhorn Area High School and went on to study agriculture at UW-Platteville.

“Since I went to Elkhorn Area High School, I understand the needs of the people of Elkhorn, I know of their wants and expectations,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds also served as alderman in 2001 and 2010 as well as the mayor for four years in Elkhorn.

Howie Reynolds retired in 2015, but now he is ready to vie for the mayor position once more.  Reynolds backed out of his third term in office.

Reynolds hopes to get along with the common council in Elkhorn and hearing the response to improving the roads of Elkhorn.

Reynolds also hopes to make Elkhorn a better place to live. He said his campaigning experience has been quite positive since he knows people in Elkhorn.

Elkhorn Mayor Brian Olson and Howie Reynolds will face each other in the April 5th election Tuesday.

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