A Scottish Farewell

June 10th, 2016

As I wander the halls of Dalkeith house for the last time, I remained pensive about my final hours in Scotland. This morning was spent watching students depart for elsewhere in Europe, either to Paris or Rome.

I was proud of their tenacity to explore the world so independently.

Earlier today, I took the time to read my Harry Potter book in the library which had a view of Montagu bridge. Reading in this setting proved to be the most magical part of the entire experience.

I flipped past every page faster than I would have at home and smiled to myself when I discovered every surprise the book had to offer.

Today was a day I took for only myself, given the fact that Experience Scotland has been my own experience. I wanted to make it the best it could possibly be by exploring the grounds of Dalkeith house.

Eventually, I found myself surrounded by forest and small forest creatures, I put my fingers upon a spider crawling on the railing after just viewing a duck swim down the river.

I walked a bit farther to see that the river continued on to reveal even more dirt trail.

I thought this was one of the best ways to say goodbye within the forest while looking at Dalkeith house in the distance. To be honest, I did not feel lonely simply because I was in the forest surrounded by beauty.

The floor of the trail was lined with bright green vegetation with the occasional flower being pastel blue or pink. These little surprises proved to be one of the best ways to suppress my sadness of leaving for the summer.

As I walked closer to the house, I saw an older man with his dog who was running after a stick. I regarded him briefly while walking at the same time.

He spoke to me about where I was from and asked if I liked it here, I agreed and felt the sadness creep up on me once again.

Near the end of the afternoon, I felt as though the journey had come full circle with the people I talked to and the opportunities available. This is what makes the end all the more satisfying and bittersweet.

College Essay

May 10th, 2016

When I was in elementary school, I opened my eyes to UW-Whitewater when I was brought to the university on field trips to the Young Auditorium. I was exposed to the artistic culture of campus when I was young, so I believe that is where my love of UW-Whitewater began. The opportunities available to me prepared me for my transition to college and beyond.

From there, I wanted to learn more about higher education. I learned about housing and the buildings I would eventually walk in and out of each day. I gathered these facts from my mother who went to UW-Madison, I was impressed at her tenacity in learning to build her future career. These factors allowed me to appreciate my experience while in college because I had a general idea of what it would be like. Public speaking prepares me for my job so that I will be able to present effective presentations and articulate ideas clearly to clients.

Once I came to high school, I gained experience with public speaking and foreign language, I needed those skills to succeed with getting admitted to college. This advice encouraged me to excel at my speaking skills. Forensics was the one opportunity that polished my speaking skills and inspired me to pursue radio while in college. My Forensics coach told me that communication skills were important when applying to college because public speaking is such a large component in college courses. This experience prepared me for the many speeches I would give for my communication classes.

Before I set foot on campus for the fall semester, I participated in a summer transition program that got me ready for the rigors of college while getting a taste of dorm life. I gained experience with getting myself to class on my own while getting to know the campus. I enjoyed the freedom of doing work on my own time as well as get to know the people of campus, who proved to be quite friendly. The transition program felt like it secured my future here at UW-Whitewater because it helped me with the transition that comes with college. Besides the preparation in high school, this experience was the most influential because I got to experience college and I learned about personal and academic resources. Learning to make a transition to a new environment makes me able to adapt to new people and new situations in a job setting. .

Once I came to college, I arrived with my love of writing and at first I wanted to be an author. Soon, it became clear that journalism would be my main focus until graduation. I decided that I came to college because I wanted to find my passion and to meet new friends. The reality of college turned out to be what I expected because I learned so much about it. I was expecting independence as well as a heavier workload. Higher education turned out to be a chance to meet new people and engage with a flexible schedule. This routine helped me because I enjoy meeting new people which in the future will build contacts for me as well as people I will continue learning from in the future.

During my early years at UW-Whitewater, I became entertained and enthralled with journalism. I felt like this was what I want to do with the rest of my life since it includes print, TV and radio. I love all of these mediums and I have had the pleasure to work with all of them while in college. I also have a minor in Communication. Ever since I got out of high school, I was already a writing enthusiast since I wrote essays for classes. As a freshman, I took up the Royal Purple and I was very impressed with what I was capable of. To be honest, journalism was my first choice, I became interested in it after I found out I wanted to pursue the field after interning at a radio station. My major has worked wonders for my career choices because I feel like there are so many opportunities available for me in the broadcast and print field.

However, I have found journalism has been quite competitive to get into. Over and over, I have been told no, but I know I am prepared for what is ahead in life since I have a portfolio full of the articles I have written for my newspaper practicum class. The journalism classes have prepared me for my future better than my communication classes. Without this, I would have felt unprepared without my journalism classes to guide me in what the employer wants. However, my communication minor did allow me to take a career class that prepared me for my job search by giving me cover letter and resume tips.

The most important thing I have learned while at UW-Whitewater is to be yourself and do what works best for a student. Meaning a student should follow their own path in life and get themselves into a manageable routine. College should be a student’s experience and they only get out of it what they put in, thus they should make it the most positive and rewarding experience possible. Students should follow their schedule and take the classes they want to take, I feel as though this way students will have more fun. Warhawks have the chance to write their own legacy here at Whitewater, four years only last so long. It is fun to have friends to graduate with than just yourself. Friends and experiences helps students open their eyes to the freedoms college life offers and also to the advice certain individuals can give soon to be graduates like me about the working world.

Another asset to enjoying college life is embracing available opportunities, whether it be an internship, a career class or a study abroad opportunity, if it is affordable and right for someone. Doing so allows a person to develop a purpose for college as well as an appreciation for the four years of independence. These opportunities will sharpen a resume and diversify experiences. The extracurricular activities and student organizations UW-Whitewater offers should not be overlooked. From Forensics to Whitewater Student Government, there are many opportunities available to students. The Royal Purple helps students gain experience not only in the article process, but as well as a newsroom. The years spent at the Royal Purple have improved my research and reporting skills which will be a valuable asset after college.

Often, I find myself looking at the world as a wonderful place to be explored and I feel as though I am in a great place to explore it. I love seeing new countries because I took the opportunity to explore it while in college, I feel like I really opened my eyes to college life that way, I took full advantage of it. I hope more people take advantage of college the way I did, I know it is not always possible, but when a student does travel and learn about the world, they will not regret it. Having the chance to see the art and perspectives of another culture have made me more aware and appreciative of aspects of our culture. This has made me smarter in that I know more about dance performed around the world, it is important for me as a journalist like me to know these facts for my future career.

These experiences have changed me as a person because studying abroad has increased my awareness of another culture and allowed me to utilize my independence. I feel as though I can understand others on campus as well as interact with people from other cultures at campus events. College has taught me to learn about different cultures and how history is tied to tradition, I saw a lot of this in Ireland with the dark events that have happened. When I was in Spain, I got to see different artistic works that I would not have learned about in a classroom. When I am out in the world, I can identify certain dances that I learned in class which makes me culturally competent.

If I had chosen a different path, I would have explored an English major because I love writing so much. Journalism might have been my minor. Throughout my career at UW-Whitewater, I have seen signs around campus promoting the major so I regret that I did not pick up a major. I have discovered I like writing essays so I would have liked to do more of that as a major. Also, I would have added an emphasis in a foreign language because I was passionate about the Spanish language in high school.

It is important to remember, college is not just about taking classes or eating pizza. It is also about self-discovery and having fun since the four years are essential. Hopefully, there is time to do some learning outside of the classroom as well through study abroad. All of these events and lessons allowed me to gain experience with college, I got to open my eye to every event and opportunity. Fortunately, I got to pursue all the opportunities and be a successful overall student. The opportunities available to me prepared me for my transition to college and beyond with the travel experiences preparing me for life as a journalist and the transition program made college worthwhile.


Two mayoral candidates vie for the position in Elkhorn.

April 19th, 2016

The Mayor position runs for four years in Elkhorn and pays at least $7,000 in annual salary. The mayor is ahead of developers as well as the council agenda. The mayor acts as the leader of the Elkhorn City Council, speaking for the county and the government as a whole.

Elkhorn’s mayor seat is open to the two candidates, Brian Olson and Howie Reynolds seeks to obtain the position.

The incumbent, Brian Olson currently holds office, and seeks to win the seat back, after serving for one term as mayor. He hopes to improve the Elkhorn community in the future.

Olson described the job as having a two year term, he served as the mayor for two years and is looking to fill the seat once again.

“I hope to improve parks, the city and the roads,” Olson said.

Olson proves to be a qualifying candidate with a diploma from Greendale High School in Arizona, in 1995.

Olson has served two years, he also hopes to improve business growth policy in Elkhorn.

He also has 18 years of experience being involved in small business as well as a manufacturing plant.

One of Olson’s goals is to rebuild the Elkhorn City Hall downtown, he also brings an open atmosphere to the people of Elkhorn.

Another one of his goals is to build off of what is already accomplished as well as create equal jobs for those in Elkhorn such stable tech businesses.

“I have been working on a site as well as on architectural design, folks can contact me and I have been working with companies in Illinois,” Olson said.

Olson also hopes to bring new job opportunities to Elkhorn which he hopes will receive positive responses from the public.

Opponent Howie Reynolds also has high hopes for the city of Elkhorn as mayor.

“I enjoyed being mayor and I am passionate about the city,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds hopes to improve the cities’ roads and water infrastructure as the mayor of Elkhorn.

“I enjoy talking to people and expect to be treated with respect,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds graduated from Elkhorn Area High School and went on to study agriculture at UW-Platteville.

“Since I went to Elkhorn Area High School, I understand the needs of the people of Elkhorn, I know of their wants and expectations,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds also served as alderman in 2001 and 2010 as well as the mayor for four years in Elkhorn.

Howie Reynolds retired in 2015, but now he is ready to vie for the mayor position once more.  Reynolds backed out of his third term in office.

Reynolds hopes to get along with the common council in Elkhorn and hearing the response to improving the roads of Elkhorn.

Reynolds also hopes to make Elkhorn a better place to live. He said his campaigning experience has been quite positive since he knows people in Elkhorn.

Elkhorn Mayor Brian Olson and Howie Reynolds will face each other in the April 5th election Tuesday.

Library expansion and waste facility topics at Council

March 10th, 2016


Library expansion at issue during Council

Library expansion, waste treatment services and the rejection of a sewage complaint were some of the ideas discussed at the Common Council meeting held March 1.
The Common Council discussed the probability of an expansion project in the works for Irvin. L. Young Library.
The Library Board Director Julie Caldwell and staff have been working toward an expansion of the library. Current facilities lack storage space, collection materials and programming space, the expansion aims to improve these issues.
Staff and library board members met with Troy Hoekstra of United Development Solutions (UDS) to discuss the possible library construction as part of a hotel development.
The Council moved onto considerations which included a presentation of a new library. A private/public partnership is being considered.
The estimate cost was $10 million. “Not something the library can handle, that’s a high number.” Clapper said.
The New Market Tax Credit is a program under the Community Renewal Tax Act of 2000. The act can assist non-income areas with new developments. The NTMC benefits the library because it will be returned to the city because the funding is from public and private entities.
“We will not be getting a new library any other way, we understand that, it is not like we think this is a certainty, we think this is our only possibly.” Lunsford said
Clapper noted the Platteville project is for the public library covering 25,000 square ft. The first seven years the library will rely on a lease payment and the Library Board will own a $7 million building.
Clapper indicated potential factors to consider which included the total cost of borrowing, cost of lease and the library location closer to UW-Whitewater.
“It is expected they will gift the library in Platteville, library stand alone does not fly, the only way would include a library is if it paid a library lease rate.” Clapper said.
Clapper cautioned the council to risk from the city side if it was given over at the end of seven years to cover risk exposure.
“It did not make sense to develop the part that was above ground with windows and such, what we really needed was a library of 26,000 square ft.” Library Director Stacey Lunsford said.
Chris Grady said it is cheaper to tear down the current library and build a new one than to build a new one at a different site.
Chris Grady questioned if the council is willing to listen to the proposal and for the council to agree.
“We need to be the most realistic, it is not that I am opposed to an open mind, I just don’t want to get to the point without any realistic questions to ask,” Goettl said.
Lunsford said if everything went well the deal could be put together in 18 months. “We could potentially have this up by early 2018.” Lunsford said.
The council will hold an organizational meeting on April 19th at UW-Whitewater.

High Strength Waste station proves problematic at Council
In other action on Tuesday, the Council discussed the costs of High Strength Waste (HSW) receiving station.
The 25,000 gallon tank would be built in addition to the Wastewater Utility Plant and it will allow waste to be disposed of in digesters.
The station will be capable of heating utility buildings and the gas emitted from the affects the $52,000 spent by the city on natural gas. The cost is estimated at $1,382,300 with annual savings at $164,000, according to the agenda submitted by the Common Council.
The plan to make the receiving station is in discussion however, there is no plan to determine how the digester will be built or managed.
HSW identifies waste streams higher than suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, total phosphorous, or ammonia nitrogen for the waste digester. .
“I don’t think we will be able to afford it, this is a good concept in terms of energy savings but I don’t think we have enough knowledge of this point.” Council President Patrick Signer said.
“Prior evaluation of the costs of the project. and potential payback, Baker Tilly has done a variety of work outside of the state, they are confident they will take the data they need.” Grady said.
Concerns about environmental factors including odor were brought up.
In discussions with Baker Tilly related to the previous projects done, they were responsible for Potawatomi as far as odor there have not been much concern about odor as the tank was covered.
Homeowner Jeff Knight proposed everyone to read the letters from BiTech and encouraged the council to protect against spills and odors.
The council voted to allow Baker Tilly, an advisory firm from Janesville, attend the next Common Council meeting and discuss assistance on the project.
A March 15th meeting is set of council approval.

In other action Tuesday:
-The Council rejected the sewage backup claim submitted made against the city per an insurance consultant

-The Council voted to meet April 19th at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Chapter one: A blog introduction

January 20th, 2016

Being a journalism major has been quite the adventure so far with new challenges and many new people to meet along the way. Writing has been fun and has taken me many places, both within the blog and around campus. The Royal Purple has been a rewarding experience since I gained new writing experiences such as writing articles and blogs.

I have been writing blogs for just under a few years and I find it enjoyable because I love to see everyone else’s design and what they have to say about my blog design. I have learned many different things about blog design over the course of my time at UW-Whitewater, I have found most of it to be quite valuable. Blogging has been a fun way to express myself as a journalism student and to hopefully get my name out so professionals will see my blog as well.

I chose the blog theme to go along with my love of travel since I have been to so many places already. I also feel as though writing is an adventure in itself and I can take people many places with it. I have also done writing in different parts of the world by writing journals about my day to day experiences as a student who is traveling abroad.



Hello world!

January 20th, 2016

Welcome to Blogs.uww.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!