Young the Giant rocks The Sylvee

Saturday night’s freezing rain did not stop eager concert goers from turning out to a sold- out Slyvee to see rock band, Young the Giant. Seasoned concert goers and fresh-faced newbies packed into Madison’s newest music venue.

The night kicked off with Sure Sure, the LA based indie band. Though lead vocalist and keyboardist, Chris Beachy kept the audience swaying along to his sweet melodies, it was bassist and tambourine player, Mike Coleman that was labeled the official hype-man.

“I’ve never been so hyped over the way someone played a tambourine,” Christa Romportl said. “He pretty much stole the whole show!”

Sure Sure ended their set with “Hands Up Head Down” a funky song with accompanying zombie like dance moves. The Slyvee was abuzz with anticipation as the house lights came on and the stage was set.

Finally, the venue went dark as Young the Giant strolled on stage to the smooth rhythm of “Oblivion” before shredding into the rockin’ “Something to Believe In”. The audience was on their toes through “Heat of the Summer”. And entranced by lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s sweet, swaying vocals in “Firelight”

The band pulled off a balanced mix of their classics and recently released jams from their “Mirror Master” album. However, none of the pre-encore songs got as much love as “Cough Syrup” did.

Arguably the song that made the band famous, the audience was transported back in time to 2011 when “Cough Syrup” first graced the airwaves. Fans of all walks of life belted the ballad at the top of their lungs in a moment of love and understanding that drew them to the show in the first place.

As the sullen “Call Me Back” faded and the stage lights went out, the audience was on their toes chanting for an encore. Their chants were answered by the ping of a ukulele as the ever popular “Superposition” drifted through the pit and up to the balcony.

The band kept the night going with the energetic “Tightrope” that had the entire venue dancing like they were on a tightrope and slid into the seductive “Silvertongue”.

The night ended with “My Body”, a youthful declaration of not giving up even when your body tells you to.  As the house lights once again came back on, fans were reluctant to leave, much like the song “By Body” states, they wanted more.

The night was a total success, especially for fan Eli Yauk.

“This is the first concert I have ever been to,” the 20-year-old Michigander said. “I came all the way from Lansing because my best friends were going and I’m glad I did! The show was amazing!”

Young the Giant is currently on their Mirror Master tour through March 9.

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