Medical College will Create County Revenue

Medical College will Create County Revenue

By: Kristin Kasper

Further developments on the building and planning of the Wisconsin College of Osteopathic Medicine (WCOM)  were presented to the council Tuesday.  Once completed, the project is expected to create over $65 million of annual revenue for Jefferson county.

Osteopathic Medicine is a form of medical practice that works to correct and maintain normal functions of the body.  It is based on the concept that all body systems can work together to fight against disease.  The college will be built to educate Osteopathic physicians who will primarily serve in the state of Wisconsin.  It will also help to solve  problems with the decreasing number of physicians in the state.

The building site for the college is the current Sanctuary Ridge Development Project in the City of Jefferson.  The campus will include 100,000 square feet of newly constructed facilities located on 20 acres of land.

Once completed, the project is expected to have a large economic impact for Jefferson County and the surrounding area. WCOM will create new construction jobs, and administrative, faculty,  and supporting staff positions.  The college will also create demand for housing and commercial and retail businesses in the area

WCOM is set to open in 2015.   The first class will have 100 students who will pay a yearly tuition of $40,000.

In another matter, Kathi Cauley was appointed as the Interim County Administer after County Administrator Gary Pete’s retirement. Cauley’s term will go into effect on April 1, and remain until the full-time County Administer position is filled.

In other action, the County Board:

• Approved a platting addition to the Rock River Cemetery.

• Denied a motion for the Highway Department to enter a contract with Barriento’s Design for remaining work on the Lake Mills Satellite Shop.

• Gave notice of the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Committee Public Hearing on March 21 at 7:00 p.m .  A petition to amend the zoning ordinances of Jefferson County will be discussed.

Gave notice of the next County Board meeting on April 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

Field of Dreams to cost more than expected

By: Kristin Kasper

Further developments on the budget and site plan for Treyton Kilar’s Field of Dreams were presented to the council Tuesday.  Additions will significantly raise the overall cost for the project.

The initial plan for the field was developed in 2010 which presented an estimated cost of $474,000. Since the last council review of the project, the estimated cost has increased to $1,586,287.  Reasons for the increase are due to the addition of a set location for the field’s pavilion, and further improvements to be made on the shared-use paths, batting cages, service drive, storm water detention facilities, and parking lots.

Matt Amundson, Parks and Recreation Director, said an estimated $225,000 have been added to the most recent budget plan. The majority of this money will be used for parking lot renovations and path improvements in Starin Park.

After available funds and donations were tabulated, a total amount of $762,290 is still needed to complete the project.  Next meeting, the council will motion to approve the site plan and award the Field of Dreams contract and bid documents to Strand and Associates Inc.

Amundson told the council Tuesday that once completed, the field will primarily be used to host tournaments.  Each tournament will have a four field venue with the Field of Dreams as the signature field.  Amundson said each tournament will bring 16 teams, 96 athletes, and over 400 fans to the city.  He says participants will likely spend money on gas, restaurants, hotel and lodging, entertainment, sporting goods, and retail. A single tournament will be expected to create over $5,000 in revenue for the city.

In another matter, the council approved the purchase of a new police car for the city.  Lisa Otterbacher, Whitewater City Police Chief, said the Ford model chosen is priced slightly higher than other models available, but it is consistent with previously purchased models owned by the city.  The model will be purchased from Ketterhagen Motor Sales Inc. in Whitewater.

In other action, the Common Council:

• Approved the adoption of a 57 cent monthly increase for Sanitary Sewer User Connection Fees.

• Approved an expenditure for Well #8 repairs, which will replace the current carbon material with stainless steel.

• Motioned and approved to move the 2nd monthly council meeting to Feb. 21st.

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